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  • Rich Relationships podcast with Gilbert J and Renée M. Beavers is amazing because it’s the best place to really explore the reality of relationships — the good, the bad, and the painful and confusing. This podcast helps to illuminate what it means to be intimate with others and what it teaches people about them. It will make you want to strive for a kinder, more fun relationship with others. Many individuals don’t have room in their heart, or life for people due to unforgiveness, regret, shame, and uncommunicated expectations. Rich Relationships is an experience with principles to learn. There are tools to use with an emphasis on building, repairing, and restoring relationships with individuals, and families in a safe community environment that will stand in a world that’s falling apart. Gil and Renée, are originally from Detroit, Michigan. Their relationship started out with a simple act of Renee rolling her pencil of her desk and Gil picking it up. They never knew such a small act would create a 37 year legacy of love. Gil and Renée were only 21 when the happily committed to until death do us part. Gil retired from the Air Force and Renée is a former salon owner who has been an entrepreneur and now an author for over 30 years. They have lived in over 13 cities throughout the United States and Germany. They are proud parents to an amazing and talented daughter, Aharon (pronounced like Sharon, except with an A). They also adopted Renée's little sisters (Carmen and Monique) after a family tragedy. Today they each have loving families of their own. This couple has helped many other couples establish a new habit of love to strengthening their marriage relationship through their tested relationship tools and principles and as marriage facilitators through the Prepare and EnrichMarriage program. Let's get empty of the pain from our past, unforgiveness, resentment, shame, and uncommunicated expectations. Then we can live lives filled will love and healthy relationships. We are stronger together. Let's Grow!
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  • Stop Fear Not !

    Mar 29 2021

    Hello Rich Community,  Gil and Renée have a new workbook titled, “Relationships Refuge: The Oneness Code Workbook.” 
     On Monday, April 12, 2021, at 7:00 PM CST, Gil & Renée will launch Rich Relationships Refuge, a live ten-session couples and singles group experience on Zoom.
     Gil & Renée have shared thirty-two years of marriage, and for fifteen years, they have mentored engaged and married couples.
     Marriage is their passion. This couple understands relationships are work that many individuals may be ill-equipped to navigate.

    Empowering individuals and couples with the tools needed to communicate effectively, resolve conflict peacefully, and build healthy, stronger relationships, families, and communities is Gil &Renée's purpose in life.

     Please grab your space today and tell all your family and friend to do the same.
     Thank you for leveraging your influence to benefit others in need.
    Love Gil & Renée,


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  • Getting To Know YOU!

    Mar 21 2021

    Hello Rich Relationships Community, we are the creators of Rich Relationships with Gil & Renée. Our mission is to eradicate the effects of broken identities and divorce in our community. Marriage is our passion and supporting individuals and couples in distress is our goal. Rich Relationships Refuge the Oneness Code Workbook is our newest offering. The aftermath of the pandemic is approaching and one on one individual and couples sessions are on the rise.


    Rich Relationships Refuge the Oneness Code Workbook provides support calls to action and a safe community where love, trust, and empathy is in full bloom causing its members to flourish. If you have a Marriage ministry or organization in need of Relationship tools and a safe community. Please consider offering Rich Relationships Us, as a supplement to your relationship arsenal.


    Join Gil & Renée on March 22, 2021, on Zoom At 7 pm-8-pm CST. for our first Workbook Q&A we will also stream live on Social Media and YouTube. Join Zoom Meeting


    Meeting ID: 828 2664 9163

    Passcode: 994499

    Thank you in advance for your support also bulk workbook prices are available for churches and groups.

    Serving the body of Christ and the community is our purpose and our passion please allow us to help you.


    Feel free to subscribe to our website, podcast, and our YouTube channel, or call our team for more detailed information Monday- Thursday 9-5 at 404-936-1642.

    Again Thank you

    Sincerely grateful,

    Gil J.& Renée M. Beavers

    We are stronger together let's grow!


    Gil & Renée are available for the following platforms and venues:


      • Conferences
      • Panel Discussions
      • Magazine Interviews
      • Television Interviews
      • Radio Interviews
      • Newspaper Interviews


    For bookings, send your request to richrelationships.us@gmail.com

    or call our team 404-936-1642



    Twitter: https://twitter.com/USGILRENEE

    Pinterest: www.richrelationshipsus.com

    LinkedIn : www.linkedin.com/in/Reneem-beavers-6b398917







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  • The Dark Side

    Mar 8 2021

    NEW BOOK ALERT: Native Detroiters Gil and Renèe M. Beavers’ latest book offers a variety of pivotal solution-based relationship tools

    March 8, 2021 

    We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak and not to please ourselves. (Romans 15:1 KJV)


    HAVING A GLOBAL IMPACT — Rich Relationships: Our Marital Code To Oneness’ visionaries Gil and Renèe M. Beavers saw what they refer to as a rise in the need for solution-based relationship tools, particularly during what undoubtedly is one of the most unprecedented times in our world. The native Detroiters, to their credit, are about to witness the release of Rich Relationships Refuge: Oneness Code Workbook, their sixth book. 

    The Beavers’ Rich Relationships Refuge: Oneness Code Workbook comes approximately four months after their highly anticipated Book version of Rich Relationships: Our Marital Code To Oneness made its ceremonious debut.

    “God loved us when we were at our worst, and we want to share that same love with others,” said Gil Beavers, explaining how their latest book strategically aligns with the purpose for which God has created them. “While marriage ministry is our life’s work, we began writing this workbook during the pandemic.”


    “We are servants who are on a mission to speak life and add value into the lives of individuals and couples in need,” Gil Beavers said. “Your pain doesn’t have to define you. You are more than enough in Christ Jesus. Live for Jesus.”

    For the Beavers, assembling Rich Relationships Refuge: Oneness Code Workbook, by all accounts, was time well spent, considering these intriguing published work figures to be as good as advertised.

    Besides Rich Relationships: Our Marital Code To Oneness, the Beavers, are responsible for having composed the other following books:

    • Tragedy to Majesty: Lifestyle Devotional, which was released in 2015
    • RMB Plant-Based 21 Day Journey Cookbook, which debuted in 2016
    • Freedom From Food: Six-Week Small Group, which was released in 2018 
    • Finding Joy In The Journey: A Healthy Way To Navigate Grief, released in 2020 and,

    GENERATING NATIONAL HEADLINES — Having served as couples mentors and coaches for the past 15 years, the Beavers’ Rich Relationships Refuge: Oneness Code Workbook is composed to serve as an effective guide to strategically empower individuals to build, repair, and restore healthy, rich relationships, the couple told Making Headline News this week.

    The Beavers are the proud hosts of the Rich Relationships Podcast. They also host church and business couples virtual and outdoor sessions.

    “We are servants who are on a mission to speak life and add value into the lives of individuals and couples in need,” Gil Beavers said. “Your pain doesn’t have to define you. You are more than enough in Christ Jesus. Live for Jesus.”

    For more information on Gil and Renèe M Beavers, to inquire about their books or schedule them for a book signing or speaking engagement, call 404.936.1642 or connect with them via social media at Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/Reneembeavers; Twitter:
    https://twitter.com/USGILRENEE; Pinterest: www.richrelationshipsus.com; LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/Reneem-beavers-6b398917. Also, send an email to richrelationships.us@gmail.com.

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