• Reassuring Our Clients during Tough Times with Austin Smith

  • Jul 26 2022
  • Length: 24 mins
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Reassuring Our Clients during Tough Times with Austin Smith  By  cover art

Reassuring Our Clients during Tough Times with Austin Smith

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  • The past two years have been—and still are—extraordinary times. With extraordinary times come unexpected market shifts and economic uncertainties resulting in concerns over retirement funds. While we do pride ourselves on being the best at managing our clients’ finances, we’re not bold enough to predict what the market will do tomorrow, next week, or the following year. What we can do is reassure our clients that the planning and asset management we do will keep their money safe and mitigate—if not prevent—long-term losses.

    In this episode, I’m joined by my partner, Austin Smith. We discuss our long-term business plans and the phone calls we receive from worried clients. We explain how we prepare for economic downturns. We describe what it means to invest through cycles to mitigate risks. We share what we think of market gurus who believe they can time the market. We also highlight the importance of setting up a plan after selling your business, especially if your kids inherit your assets.


    "The first thing we want anybody to do if they have a concern is to communicate with us."  - Rob Schulz


    This week on Priorities Lifestyle:

    • Our long-term plans for the business
    • The number of calls we've received over our clients’ financial concerns
    • What we do to mitigate risks for our clients
    • What we mean by investing through cycles
    • Our thoughts on predicting market movement
    • Why this is not the time to trade the market
    • The importance of planning for and assessing asset availability
    • Defining enterprise values in the selling of a business


    Our Favorite Quotes:

    • "I want to go to sleep tonight knowing that whatever happens tomorrow, we have the portfolio set up in a way where they can handle this the best way they can." - Rob Schulz
    • "The risk is what provides the opportunity for return." - Austin Smith
    • "Having a plan and a foundation to build off of is important." - Austin Smith


    Connect with Austin Smith and Rob Schulz:

    • Schulz Wealth
    • Phone: (817) 405-4014


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