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Aging kills about 100,000 humans each day. If you help to hasten the defeat of aging by just one day, then you can potentially save 100,000 lives. About 36,500,000 humans die each year from aging. Nothing is more tragic than aging. This book is meant to spread the message that defeating aging is both feasible and desirable. This book is about why funding should be increased for longevity research. This book is about why you should come out in support of defeating aging, and why you should encourage others to do the same. This book is about biomedical technologies that are currently science fiction. These technologies might help to enable a 100-year-old individual to be as healthy as a 60 year old would be today, and to extend the average healthy human life span significantly. This book is meant to help reveal how what may have actually been impossible not long ago, can no longer be so easily thought of as being an impossibility. Specifically, this book addresses some of the many potential psychological, metaphysical, and political implications that interact with radical life extension technologies that might be developed in the future. This book is ultimately meant to help accelerate research related to defeating aging and to increase support for the development of these potential anti-aging technologies. Biological aging kills many thousands of humans each day. If aging can be defeated then Earth will ultimately be a better place to live for all humans. There is no proof that this scenario is an impossibility, and there are good reasons to believe that with enough collective will, it might become a reality.

©2015 Scott Everhart, Michael Ten (P)2017 Scott Everhart

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