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  • Shane + Shean of Ready Slow were complete strangers. That is until Shean posted a controversial Instagram post that compelled Shane to reach out. Now they might just be brand new friends.Shane is a 35 year old professor and published author from New York. Shean is a 31 year old floral and event designer from Georgia. Listen in as these guys who just met—meet each other for the first time and talk about their differences and most importantly — their similarities. Their "unpopular opinions" segment will make you shake your head or thank them for saying it out loud.
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  • May 17 2022

    Episode 80 will cause serious physical harm.   Mark Zuckerberg has preemptively banned it from Facebook. The Twitter bots have been programmed to suppress it. Instagram thots are petitioning for its immediate destruction. 

    The guys discuss the need to dissolve every alphabet agency, the ethics of twerking on corpses in the club, and offer tips on how to distinguish a clone from the real thing.

    Shean discusses his bazooka bubble gum hate crime incident in a Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Shane shares his black pilled podcast theory. 

    They also get into the concept of breakaway civilizations, Katy Perry’s pop status, creative plateaus, and the horror in Buffalo.

    A very special guest appearance from Margaret Sanger’s frigid vagina. 

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    2 hrs and 16 mins
  • May 11 2022

    Episode 79 is a call to arms. Shean and Shane are begging you to fight like Hell. 

    Safe, legal, and rare vs bloodthirsty abortion mimosas. Absconding to Mexico. Drug mules. Decapitated tourists. Young mothers.

    The guys respond to comments they’ve received over their ideas on murder. Shane remembers a friend boasting about forcing his girlfriend to commit murder like a pez dispenser. They also argue the empty talking point that tries to equate freedom of speech with murder. 

    They discuss the importance of shared definitions for a healthy culture and cul-de-sac moms making it rain on their 10-year-old drag queens.

    Plus, materialism and how America is a debtor’s prison. Hitler’s wet dream and Lincoln’s favorite racist joke. Also, NASA, Oz, and coincidence.

    Shean recounts the trauma of a childhood model, and Shane is starting to fear his cycling community.

    Special guest appearances from Lindsey Graham’s lady bugs, Lori Lightfoot, the tooth fairy, and the antichrist. 

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    2 hrs and 14 mins
  • May 3 2022

    Episode 78 is all about Shean’s live-streamed corpse, Shane stripping naked for ID.me at gunpoint, fake cities, the peloton cult, the soho house cult, Kim K’s vanishing derrière, Depp v. Heard, Roe v. Wade, the Met Gala, disgruntled mailmen, bookstore dildos, and trying to find common ground in an increasingly divisive socio-political landscape.

    Shean and Shane row and cycle respectively throughout the entire episode for a rare ASMR spectacular. 

    There are very special guest appearances by a dying robot and a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper.

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    2 hrs

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