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  • Python Bytes is a weekly podcast hosted by Michael Kennedy and Brian Okken. The show is a short discussion on the headlines and noteworthy news in the Python, developer, and data science space.
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  • May 12 2022
    Watch the live stream: Watch on YouTube About the show Sponsored: RedHat: Compiler Podcast Special guest: Tonya Sims Michael #1: Pathy: a Path interface for local and cloud bucket storage via SpencerPathy is a python package (with type annotations) for working with Cloud Bucket storage providers using a pathlib interface.It provides an easy-to-use API bundled with a CLI app for basic file operations between local files and remote buckets. It enables a smooth developer experience by letting developers work against the local file system during development and only switch over to live APIs for deployment.Also has optional local file caching.From SpenserThe really cool function is "Pathy.fluid" which can take any type of local, GCS, or S3 path string and then just give you back a Path object that you can interact with agnostic of what platform it was. So this has worked amazingly for me in local testing since i can just change the file path from the "s3://bucket/path" that i use in prod to a local "test_dir/path" and it works automatically. Brian #2: Robyn “Robyn is a fast, high-performance Python web framework with a Rust runtime.”Hello, Robyn! - intro articledocs, repoNeat things doesn’t need WSGI or ASGIasyncvery Flask-likeEarly, so still needs some TLC docs, etc. getting started and demo apps would be good. Tonya #3: Python package 'nba_api' is a package to access data for NBA.com This package is maintained by Swar Patel API Client package for NBA.com, more accessible endpoints, and better documentation The NBA.com API's are not well documented and change frequently (player traded, injured, retired, points per game, stats, etc)The nba_api package has tons of features:The nba_api starts with static data on players and teams (Full name, team name, etc). Each player and Team has an id.Can get game data from the playergamelog API endpointThe package also has many different API endpoints that it can hit by passing in features from the static data to the API endpoints as parameters Michael #4: Termshot From Jay MillerCreates screenshots based on terminal command outputJust run termshot YOUR_CMDor termshot --show-cmd -- python program.py Even termshot /bin/zsh for full interactive “recording”Example I made: Brian #5: When Python can’t thread: a deep-dive into the GIL’s impact Itamar Turner-TrauringBuilding a mental model of the GIL using profiler graphs of simple two thread applications.The graphs really help a lot to see when the CPU is active or waiting on each thread. Tonya #6: Sportsipy: A free sports API written for python Free python API that pulls the stats from www.sports-reference.com sports-reference.com - great website for getting sports stats for professional sports(NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, college sports)Looks like an HTML website for the 90s - great for scraping (email site owners)You can get API queries for every sport (North American sports) like the list of teams for that sport, the date and time of a game, the total number of wins for a team during the season, and many more team-related metrics.You can also get stats from players and box scores - so you can build cool stuff around how a team performed during a game or during a season. Extras Michael: Python 3.11.0 beta 1 is out Test with GitHub Actions against Python 3.11 Joke: Finding my family
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