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  • If you're fed up with the non-stop solopreneur grind… I'm so glad you've found The Promote Yourself to CEO Show! Each week, join host Racheal Cook MBA for candid conversations about stepping into your role as CEO of your business, the hard lessons learned along the way, and practical, profitable strategies to grow a sustainable business without the hustle and burnout. Listen in to the latest show and connect with Racheal at http://www.rachealcook.com or on Instagram @racheal.cook to continue the conversation!
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  • Aug 8 2022

    Ready to Fully OWN Your Role as CEO? It starts with the Fired Up & Focused Challenge! Over these 5 days, I’m sharing a strategy to help you find more time to work ON your business (ya’ know, those $1K - $10K Revenue Generating Activities) vs. IN the day to day grind.

    To get the full challenge videos, workbooks, exercises, transcripts, and bonus content - join at firedupandfocused.com

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    15 mins
  • Aug 4 2022

    When you’re running a business day to day, your to-do list is full with answering emails, posting on social media, working with clients, etc.

    Many women entrepreneurs spend so much time working in their business that they don’t have the time to work on big picture, game-changing stuff like writing the book they’ve thought of for years or creating that next-level program that brings everything together.

    In this episode, I share my favorite time management tips to help you build more CEO time into your business so that you can finally open up new revenue streams, reach more people, and work smarter instead of harder.

    On this episode of Promote Yourself to CEO:

    4:29 - The answer is, “No.” I discuss how money mindset mentor Denise Duffield-Thomas decided to use tip #1 to stop this time and energy infiltrator.

    7:21 - If you’ve been sitting on big dreams for years due to lack of time, I reveal the honest truth in tip #2.

    9:33 - What’s my absolute favorite strategy to help you design your week around what matters to you most?

    11:54 - You can work on the big picture of your business in 20 hours a week. I discuss how, even if you’re still working a job or taking care of young kids.

    16:03 - I talk about this third and final big time management tip all the time! It’s one of my favorite things to do.

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    23 mins
  • Jul 28 2022

    As a new entrepreneur, you feel inclined to say yes to everything. But as your business grows and those yeses pile up, they become overwhelming to the point where they prevent you from doing the necessary CEO level work you need to focus on.

    In today’s episode, I share the top three boundaries that’ll give you the confidence to say no so that you can concentrate on the work you’re truly here to do.

    On this episode of Promote Yourself to CEO:

    2:59 - Having clear boundaries doesn’t get talked about much in business circles. Why is having clear boundaries in place so crucial as a CEO?

    8:07 - I discuss the different types of clear boundaries you need to place in your business, starting with your calendar.

    15:31 - What’s one reason why people get drained and feel tired when working with clients? I talk about the most important thing you can do about it.

    21:57 - I reveal how I handle emergencies (on both my end and a client’s) and requests for meet-ups to ensure I protect my time and energy.

    27:29 - Constant communication can become an energy drain too. What do you need to look at when setting boundaries around people contacting you?

    37:28 - While email is my go-to business communication channel, I reveal how I handle questions and messages through other channels.

    42:17 - What do you do when people just want to pick your brain? It’s easy to get sucked into this thinking it’ll lead to a client relationship!

    45:46 - Having these clear client boundaries in a scheduling policy will nip problems like last-minute cancellations in the bud quickly.

    50:45 - This client boundary challenge is something I see a lot in service providers who are good at a lot of things.

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