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Suspense with a love story. 

“Maddie, come home. I’m in trouble!" 

Madeleine Schier heeds her husband's panicked call, only to witness his brutal murder by a crime boss and become a target herself. Under police security, she vows to testify. But when the police protecting her are killed, the last of her NYC life disintegrates, leaving her no place to hide. She flees, relying on her wits and imagination to survive on a dangerous journey to become someone else. 

Settling into a lonely life, Madeleine longs for a friend, but whom can she trust? The helpful widower who advises her on farming? The damaged recluse who’s always near? The neighbor who brings cherry pie? With the murderer still searching, one wrong move could be her last.

©2014 Ellis Vidler (P)2018 Ellis Vidler

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