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  • Dad and daughter dish on popular culture while enjoying a drink! Steve covered TV professionally; Kate is an opinionated consumer of pop culture. They often don't agree. Join the conversation: popahallicspodcast@gmail.com
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  • PopaHALLics #63 "Transformers (Not the Robots)"

    Jan 14 2022

    PopaHALLics #63  "Transformers (Not the Robots)"
    The streaming options and books in this episode have one thing in common: The characters or real people face challenges or experiences that transform their lives, from a comet threatening life on Earth to an obsessive classics professor to a headless knight who vows to kill his attacker in a year. (You read that right.) Strap in as Steve and Kate discuss:


    • "Don't Look Up," Netflix. This dark satire uses a planet-killing asteroid as a metaphor for mankind's inability to take serious action against climate change. Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep and more star.
    • "I'm Your Man," Hulu or rental. In this German romantic comedy, a female scientist reluctantly agrees to take part in an experiment living with the perfect man—a humanoid robot who looks like that guy from "Downton Abbey."
    • "The Green Knight," rental. Loosely based on an epic poem, this film finds King Arthur's headstrong nephew Gawain (Dev Patel) embarking on a perilous quest.
    • "Encanto," Disney +. Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the songs for this charming animated adventure about an "ordinary" girl trying to fit into her magical family. 


    • "Miss Dior: a Story of Courage and Couture," by Justine Picardie. The muse for French fashion designer Christian Dior was his sister, who survived a Nazi work camp.
    • "The Hunger" and "The Deep," by Alma Katsu. These novels exquisitely meld historical research and the supernatural—one about the ill-fated Donner Party, the other about the sinkings of the Titanic and its sister ship the Brittanic.
    • "The Latinist," by Mark Prins. Power, ambition, and obsession play out in this novel inspired by the myth of Daphne and Apollo.
    • "The Postmortal," by Drew Magary.  This smart, funny, and scary novel examines how one man's life—and the world—changes when scientists discover a cure for aging. 

    You'll also learn the celebrities people think we look like. We're flattered AND confused.

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  • PopaHALLics #62 "Highly Recommended"

    Jan 7 2022

    "Highly Recommended"
    In a first, Steve and Kate mostly rave about what we have seen and read. While we have reservations about a few things—sorry, Boba Fett and Sandra Bullock—you'll hear about plenty of worthwhile pop culture. We discuss:


    • "Picnic at Hanging Rock" , Amazon Prime. In this Australian gothic miniseries based on the 1967 novel, a group of schoolgirls vanish on an outing. Natalie Dormer ("Game of Thrones") plays their mysterious headmistress.
    • "We Are Lady Parts", Peacock. This British series about four young Muslim women in a punk rock band turns big ideas about identity, representation, and gender into binge-worthy comedy. Steve says it's "smart and funny, with infectious energy and moving moments too."
    • "Ron's Gone Wrong", Disney +.  In this computer-generated animated film, a lonely middle schooler befriends a defective "B-bot" and learns about true friendship and being yourself. 
    • "Shazam!", HBO Max or rental. When 14-year-old Billy Batson transforms into an adult superhero with bulging muscles and superpowers, he's still a goofy kid on the inside.  One of the best DC Comics-inspired movies.
    • "The Unforgivable", Netflix.  When Sandra Bullock is released from prison after doing her time, society refuses to forgive her violent past.
    • "The Book of Boba Fett", Disney +. In a series from the makers of "The Mandalorian," the "Star Wars" bounty hunter takes off his battered helmet to try to rule over Jabba the Hutt's criminal empire.


    • "The Midnight Library," by Matt Haig. In this enchanting "It's a Wonderful Life"-styled novel, a young woman experiences the different versions of her life  that would have occurred if she had made different decisions.
    • "The Atlas Six," by Olivie Blake. Six uniquely talented magicians  compete—to the death—to win a place in the Alexandrian Society, caretakers of lost knowledge from the greatest civilizations of antiquity.

    Popahallics #62 Playlist
    Attack of the killer guitars!  This week's playlist includes punk rock (like We Are Lady Parts and Ramones), garage rock (like the Delmonas), surf rock (like the Suffragettes)—and  The Nude Party, whose sound blends the Kinks, Lou Reed, early Stones, Dylan, and CCR.  Lyrically, we ponder such existential questions as: "Davy Crockett, what you got in your pocket?" Listen.

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  • PopaHALLics #61 Not So Home Alone

    Dec 22 2021

    PopaHALLic #61 "Not So Home Alone"
    Gathered for a holiday outing, Steve, Kate and the Resident Kid Expert (RKE) discuss seasonal offerings, including the fifth "Home Alone" movie, "Home Sweet Home Alone," on Disney +. Wait, you say, isn't Macauley Culkin like in his 40s now?! Yes —41, actually—but it's a different kid.  The RKE gives his review. We also talk about:


    • "Love Hard," Netflix. In this holiday-themed rom com, Nina Dobrev drops everything to fly across the country for Christmas with the hunk from her dating app that she's never actually met. Surprises await! Hijinks ensue!
    • "Fatman," Peacock/rental. In this dark, violent action movie, a rich kid unhappy about getting coal for Christmas hires an assassin (Walter Goggins) to take out Kris Kringle (Mel Gibson). But Santa's got a brand new bag, and it's filled with ammo.


    • "Out of Body," by Jeffrey Ford. In this dark fantasy thriller, the death of a girl in his arms leads to disturbing, "Twilight Zone"-like dreams for a small-town librarian.
    • "The Year of the Witching," by Alexis Henderson. A young woman living in a puritanical society discovers dark powers within herself in this feminist fantasy debut.
    • "The Hike," by Drew Magary.  An ordinary guy tries to get back home from a parallel universe in this oddball fantasy mixing elements of fairy tales and video games.
    • "Eyes That Kiss in the Corners," by Joanna Ho. This bestselling children's picture book is about learning to celebrate one's Asian heritage. 
    • "Milo Imagines the World," by Matt de la Pena. This poignant, timeless children's picture book is about how you can't really know anyone just by looking at them.

    Popahallics #61 Playlist
    Cool yule music from Ella Fitzgerald, Kay Starr, Louis Armstrong, Straight No Chaser, and more, including a few holiday tunes you've likely never heard before. Listen.

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