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  • Myron and Chris chat with board gamers on the Board Game Chats podcast. Find out more at http://boardgamechats.com
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  • Andy Kim on designing The Spill

    Oct 13 2021

    In this episode Chris and Myron welcome game designer Andy Kim to the show. Andy’s first game to go to Kickstarter is The Spill published by Smirk & Dagger games. Like many in the board game community Andy was introduced to modern gaming through Catan. From there his love has grown to a collection of hundreds of board games, and about 6 games designed. With the successful Kickstarter campaign The Spill will be Andy’s first published game. The Spill is a cooperative dice tower game where you have to work with your team to stem the flow of oil, clean up the mess, and rescue impacted animal life. Sometimes he creates new games around a theme and other times he starts with a mechanic and then discovers the theme. Join Chris and Myron as they learn about Andy’s hobby and journey into the world of game design.

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    50 mins
  • Pop-culture, Media Studies and Board Games, Oh My! - with Paul Booth

    Aug 29 2021
    In this episode Chris and Myron welcome Paul Booth to the show. Paul is a professor of Media Studies at Depaul University in Chicago, IL. He loves pop-culture and has even written a book about board games through the lens of media studies, which led him to teach a class on board games at Depaul. From fandom, to time travel, to favorite desert island games, Paul, Chris and Myron discuss the many ways in which board games bring us closer together. His most recent book, Board Games As Media explores how board games, like other forms of media, convey messages to us. It’s a fun conversation and along the way, Chris discovers that he may need to move to Chicago, not only to take a couple of Paul’s classes, but also to sample some delicious Chicago food classics.
    You can find Paul on Twitter or email pbooth@depaul.edu
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    1 hr and 13 mins
  • Flicking Finches - with Doug Bass

    Jul 25 2021
    In this episode Chris and Myron welcome Doug Bass to the show. Doug is a game designer and publisher who loves living in North Carolina. He created Garden Dice, a family-friendly dice rolling set collection game that Chris loves to play and teach. Doug’s passion for modern board games really began with an introduction to Runebound, which harkened back to his younger years playing D&D. Doug’s latest title for Meridae Games is Flicking Finches. Created by the Canadian designer Yves Tourigny, this fun dexterity game has you jockeying for Charles Darwin’s attention as he travels the Galapagos Islands with his sketchbook. It’s a beautiful game with a clever theme and a challenging three action economy. Can you optimize your actions to win the game?
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    59 mins

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