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  • Are you looking for faith-friendly insights on how to manage stress, anxiety, or depression? Maybe you are searching for ways to improve your relationships or just looking for ways to become more effective in your day-to-day living. John Thurman's Resilient Solutions Shortcast may be what you are looking for. With an average running time of 10-12 minutes, John combines his skills as a senior-level clinician, Work-Life Consultant, and ordained minister. The information in Resilient Solutions can improve your personal life, enhance your relationships, enrich your business endeavors.
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  • Sep 7 2022

    Why Dads Are Important

    1.              School Achievement.  Grades are better when dd is around.

    2.              The 3 Rs. The more involved his dad is, the more significant the boy's increase in verbal intelligence and the better both boys' and girls' math and quantitative abilities are.

    3.              School Dropout Rates. The more years children spend with no or minimal father involvement, the fewer years of school they complete.

    4.              Employment. While boys from two-parent homes are two times more likely to be employed as young adults.

    5.              Suicide. Living in a home without a dad correlates more with suicide among children and teenagers than any other factor.

    6.              Drugs. Father involvement is at least five times more important in preventing drugs than any other influence. In addition, it is a more potent determining factor than the child's gender, ethnicity, or social class.

    7.              Homelessness. Around 90 percent of runaways and homeless youths are from fatherless homes.

    8.              Bullying. The American Psychological Association found in its 153 studies that father absence predicts the profile of both the bully and the bullied: poor self-esteem, poor grades, and poor social skills.

    9.              Victimization. Children between ten and seventeen living without their biological dad were likelier to be victims of child abuse, significant violence, sexual assault, and domestic violence.

    10.       Violent Crimes. Every 1 percent increase in fatherlessness in a neighborhood predicts a 3 percent increase in adolescent violence.

    11.           Rape. Among rapists specifically assessed as raping out of anger or rage, 85percent came from father-absent homes.

    12.           Power and Mobility. Children born poor and raised by both married parents have an 80 percent chance of moving into the middle class or above; conversely, children born into the middle class and raised without a married dad were almost four times more likely to end up less fortunate.

    13.           Trust. The more contact children have with their dads, the more quickly they make open, receptive, and trusting contact with new people in their lives.

    14.       Empathy. The amount of time a father spends with a child is one of the strongest predictors of the child’s ability to empathize in adulthood.

    [i] https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25518696/
    Source: The Boy Crisis

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  • Jul 14 2022

    According to the March 1-3, Harris Poll, the annual “Stress in America” survey found that more American adults rated inflation and the Russia-Ukraine situation as major stressors than any other issue in the poll’s entire 15-year history.

    American adults reported feeling emotionally overwhelmed and fatigued, with 87% agreeing it “feels like there has been a constant stream of crises without a break for the past two years.”

    What is the Antidote?
    Gratitude is the thankful appreciation of things received, whether tangible or intangible. It helps you and me connect with something outside ourselves, often transcendent and more extensive than we are. Being grateful for people and other blessings makes me more content and helps me rewire my brain to be more optimistic.

    Expressing gratitude is probably the most effective way to push fear, anxiety, and sadness out of your mind and replace it with good things.

    Here are four benefits of actively expressing gratitude.

    Here are the four benefits of actively expressing gratitude

    1. Thankfulness will boost your immune system, helping your body fight off infection.
    2. Gratitude significantly lowers your risk of causing or amplifying mental health issues.
    3. A thankful attitude strengthens you when you are under stress.
    4. Thankfulness develops resilience and helps you flourish when others fail.

    So, what are some gratefulness exercises you can begin today to build your resilience, improve your health, and lower your stress?

    Here are five ways you can use gratitude as a powerful stress buster.

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  • Jun 29 2022

    Here are four critical justifications for listening to your wife’s input to accept her influence.

    1. Her insights will most likely give you increased clarity. Women generally are more mindful of details, intuitive concerning the feelings of others, and may be in tune with certain unique aspects of a given situation. Her particular views might add a refreshing richness and depth to your perspective.

    2. Accepting her influence will enhance your wisdom. I honestly wished I’d caught on to this early in our marriage. The Old Testament book of Proverbs is filled with truth about the difference between being a person of wisdom or a “fool.” As you read through the 31 chapters, you will discover a few important themes. One of the primary themes is a willingness to listen. When you and I listen to our wives, we honor her and our Creator, and we grow in wisdom. Disregard her input, and you could be acting like a fool.

    3. Listening to and accepting her influence will enhance multiple levels of intimacy. Connecting through solid communication does for your marriage what breathing does for your body. When your wife is talking with you and sharing her day, she is craving a way to connect with you on multiple levels. Her need for meaningful communication is as strong as your need for sexual intimacy.

    4. When you listen, you are making love to your wife. When you engage or even genuinely attempt to engage with your wife, you let her know she is loved, valued, cherished, and secure. When you can do this, she can feel drawn to you in a more profound way.

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    John Thurman M.Div., M.A., LPCC

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