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  • Is playing the harp harder than you thought it would be? Ever wish you knew the secrets to learning music that only the experts and the eight year old YouTube stars seem to know? Want to finally finish the pieces you start and play them with ease, confidence and joy? Harp Mastery founder and Harp Happiness expert Anne Sullivan believes every harp player can learn to play the music they want the way they want. Tune in as she clears the confusion around topics like fingering, technique, sight reading and practice skills and shares the insider tips that help her students make music beautifully. Whether you’re playing the harp for fun or you’re ready to take your playing to the next level, each Practicing Harp Happiness episode will reveal the strategies and insight you need to fire your imagination, enjoy your practice and love your harp playing.
    Anne Sullivan and ARS Musica
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  • What Does a Shaky Technique Really Cost You?

    Jun 14 2021

    Fast flashy scales and graceful arpeggios are one sign of a strong harp technique, but they aren’t the only indication.

    In fact, even if you never expect to play fast music or super-difficult music, you need a strong technique.

    Technique isn’t just for speed. For instance  if you struggle to make your music flow smoothly or be more expressive, these could be signs that you need some technique work. 

    In this week’s episode, I reveal the 3 most important reasons - not including speed and security - you need a stronger technique and how to begin developing it without hours of drudgery.

    Even if you’ve never been a fan of exercises and etudes,  when you listen to this episode, you’ll discover:

    • How your musical expression depends on your technical level.
    • The skill you need to strengthen to create more flow in your music.
    • How to prepare your fingers for that next piece you want to learn. 

    Plus, when you listen, you’ll have access to a FREE masterclass where I show you how to develop your technique in just 10 minutes a day. Crazy, right? Nope. It's just a little clever.

    Listen to this episode as I show you the hidden costs of a shaky technique.

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    22 mins
  • Canon Law: A Harpist’s Guide to the Pachelbel Canon

    Jun 7 2021

    What’s the one piece any harpist could name after just the first two chords? It’s the Pachelbel Canon of course.

    Whether you’ve played it a thousand times or have yet to learn it, the Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel has become standard repertoire for harpists. The piece has embedded itself in our musical culture so deeply that it is on every gigging harpist’s most requested list and a favorite with any audience. 

    But it isn’t all that easy to play, unless you know the shortcuts.

    In this episode I explain some of the musical elements of the Canon with the idea that the more you understand about this piece, or any piece, the easier it is to learn it quickly and to play it well.

    Plus, I share some of my favorite Pachelbel practice techniques with you, ones that can save you a lot of practice time and frustration, even if you’ve played the piece before. You’ll discover:

    • Why your harp version isn’t really a “canon.”
    • The unique features of the melody and harmony and how to play them musically. 
    • Why that C natural isn’t a misprint. 
    • My practice guide so you can create your own foolproof version of the Canon.

    Join me as we explore some of the inner workings of this interesting piece and some very  practical playing pointers too.

    Links to things I think you might be interested in that were mentioned in the podcast episode: 

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    28 mins
  • How to Have a Perfect Harp Lesson

    May 31 2021

    Every harpist wants to play well for her teacher. Somehow, though, we always find ourselves explaining that we played so much better at home.

    I know; I’ve been there too. But over my years of teaching I have gathered some insights from the other side - the teacher side - that will help you understand what your lesson really should be about, the right way to prepare, and how to save  yourself from “lesson meltdown.”

    On this week’s podcast episode, I not only reveal what your teacher really expects of you, but I also give you my top strategies for:

    • Staying focused not frazzled.
    • Creating the “inspiration mindset.”
    • Understanding what and how to practice when you get home.

    Plus, when you listen, you’ll learn about a new course to help you strengthen your technique so those finger fumbles won’t get in your way.

    Join me as I walk you through the strategies you need to make every lesson a great lesson. 

    Links to things I think you might be interested in that were mentioned in the podcast episode: 

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    27 mins

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