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  • Join me, Christie Rocha, on my mission to debunk the misconceptions and stigmas around mental health and therapy. Let’s normalize working on our mental health and seeking help when needed. We’ve all heard of self-care, self-help, and self-love but do you often wonder how to actually make it all happen? I do! You’ll hear strategy-based conversations with professionals as well as inspiring and validating stories from women who are just like you and me. Think of this podcast as the weekly therapy sessions you didn’t know you needed...with a dash of sass, a lot of vulnerability, and me, relentlessly asking “but how?”
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  • May 27 2022

    Amanda Gurman is an advocate for normalizing motherhood and the host of the Honest as a Mother Podcast. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two children, Connor and Scarlett. We discuss her experience with postpartum rage, anxiety, depression, and the toll that bringing humans into the world can take on marriage. Amanda shares the intimate details of coping with her mental health, her idea versus reality of what motherhood would look like, setting up boundaries, and working through her own childhood trauma to be the amazing parent she is today.

    “You need to choose yourself over and over and over again and that is 100% ok. If you’re not ok, your kids aren’t ok.” - Amanda Gurman


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  • May 25 2022

    LuAnn Nigara is MY MOM! She is also a celebrated media personality, keynote speaker and seasoned entrepreneur. In her third business launch, LuAnn Nigara Inc., she provides business resources for entrepreneurs through live events and LuAnn University. LuAnn has published three books, is a sought-after columnist and has captured international attention for her weekly podcast “A Well-Designed Business®” which has more than 750 episodes and 5 million downloads. We discuss LuAnn’s entrepreneurial journey, how her upbringing shapes her mindset today, the power and importance of cultivating your inner voice, mothering and building businesses, and more!

    “The stories that you say in your head are just the stories, they’re not real. ” - LuAnn Nigara


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  • May 20 2022
    Chelsea Shukov co-founded Sugar Paper in 2003 after she and her co-founder Jamie started tinkering with a letterpress and helping their friends put beautiful paper in the mail. More and more people inquired and today Sugar Paper is found in thousands of United States stores and around the world, including Target and J. Crew. We talk about how letter writing, note writing, and journaling are part of the emotional human experience. Chelsea takes us back to the early days of launching Sugar Paper, balancing motherhood and self-care, and developing her sense of enough-ness. We also talk about Sugar Paper’s company culture built on kindness and empathy.  “Underneath all of this: letter writing, birthday cards, post-its on the fridge, underneath all of it is the intention to put more love in the world and create more connection.” - Chelsea Shukov


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    How to Write a Letter: Find the Words for Every Occasion

    Chelsea’s Mindful Journal

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