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  • Every great leader inspires, motivates and rewards their people for performance. 


    Welcome to the People Strategy Forum podcast, a show that guides leaders to elevate the workforce.


    People are at the heart of successful organizations. Team members’ well-being and career development are essential. This show discusses practical and effective leadership strategies for top executives, senior professionals, and talent managers.


    Aligning employer and employee objectives is a must. Every team member needs to feel fulfilled and satisfied in order to be fully productive and accountable. This show helps leaders create an engaged workforce that is happily accomplishing daily responsibilities and committed to the organization’s future success. Episodes focus on innovative and integrated talent management tools, including employee recognition, compensation, and development, as well as strategies for building a healthy workplace culture and improving the workforce experience.


    On a deeper level, the podcast centers around attracting, growing and retaining top talent. It addresses employee motivation, communication, performance, productivity and the genuine human connections that are essential for every successful organization. Each team member brings their own unique strengths, talents, interests, and passions. By touching on these personal areas, leaders create an environment where employees perform at their best.


    Sam Reeve, Char Miller, and Sumit Singla host the podcast.


    Sam has 20-years of diverse compensation experience at leading firms. His time at Barclays, BlackRock, and Automatic Data Processing (ADP) allowed him to see companies evolve from the startup phase to rapidly growing to mature organizations


    Char works closely with C-suite-level executive teams and advises organizations such as Vail Resorts, Banner, and Kaiser Permanente. She helps businesses determine performance goals and organizational objectives while constructing roadmaps for appropriate workplace cultures.


    Sumit has over 15 years of talent management practice across different sectors. His expertise in organizational framework, design thinking, performance management, and business storytelling is unparalleled. He is a favorite speaker at talent management conferences and events across the country.


    With these three forward-thinking, passionate people professionals at the helm of the podcast, talent-centric organizations can find relevant and helpful advice.


    Special guest co-host thought-leaders impart essential tips for making every workplace inspiring and rewarding. Beyond theoretical ideas, these experts share experiences as business leaders that shed light on overcoming challenges and celebrating wins.


    Even with generous budgets and  advanced tools, having the right team in place is crucial to achieving goals and succeeding. By putting effective programs in place, leaders can expect deeper connections  that result in healthy working relationships that spell success across the organization.


    Join Sam Reeve, Char Miller, and Sumit Singla on the People Strategy Forum podcast and learn the keys to elevating the workforce.

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  • Linda Rad: Leadership And Communication In The Post-Pandemic Business World

    Jan 17 2022

    Leadership and communication are two skills that are in great demand in today’s post-pandemic business world. What can you do to ensure that both skills are leveraged fairly and equitably for both your business and your employees? In this episode, Sam Reeve & Char Miller discuss the mechanics of both with Linda Rad, Executive and Team Coach, Human Resource and Organizational Development Consultant and Facilitator at Envision Leadership Consulting. Linda talks about the changing role of leaders in today’s fast-paced business world and what needs to be done to address the gap between leaders and the people. Tune in and learn more leadership lessons from Linda.

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    49 mins
  • Using Equity As Compensation To Employees With Jon Burg

    Jan 10 2022

    When it comes to equity, there is no one-size-fits-all. It is something that is customized to a company's situation. Today's guest co-founded a company dedicated to helping others in this area. Jon Burg of Infinite Equity joins the forum to take us into the world of equity and how he got into it doing what he does. He talks about equity plans, expanding the concept of using equity as compensation to employees, sharing ownership, and attracting quality talent through it. Jon also shares his insights on how to lower voluntary turnover and helps you understand the many tax implications involved. Join this conversation and learn more about the equity world.

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    47 mins
  • Presenting Yourself On Camera: Let Your Passion Become Your Energy With Julie Ann Dokowicz

    Nov 26 2021

    With everyone going remotely and video becoming the new normal. Presenting yourself in front of the camera is even more important now. If you're going to give a speech or enter an online conference, learn how to present yourself. Feel your energy because that is everything! Join your hosts Sam Reeve & Char Miller as they talk to Julie Ann Dokowicz on how to show up as your best self in special events. Julie is the founder and Creative Director of Girl in Heels Travels. She is also an on-camera host and coach who helps entrepreneurs amplify their brands and businesses through video. Learn how to reduce nervousness, meditate, prep, and more. Understand that first impressions matter the most. Start by being confident today!

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    50 mins

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