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  • The Future State is a series of conversations between Nick Walter, The CEO of a extended reality company Vortic) and Danny Denhard (founder of www.focus.business and the must reads newsletter editor of mustreads.co.uk. Each episode deep dives into one single interesting business topic, exploring what the business vertical is, why it is so interesting and what makes that industry pop. We leave you with the future state of the industry in the form of hot takes, takeaways for you to think of or action in your business. More information can be found at thefuturestate.co.uk and subscribe via your favourite podcast app.
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  • The Future State Of Coffee Pitch Podcast

    Jun 10 2021

    The Future State Of Podcast - The EV Coffee Edition
    This week Nick and I introduce a monthly podcast segment around pitching an idea which we then review, ask the exec style questions (yes we use the word TAM numerous times) and this week we see if Nick would invest in my EV (electric vehicle) coffee shop on wheels.
    We talk about:
    - Why we could take the 75% market of remote and WFH army
    - The importance of local
    - Why jingles are a Marketing goldmine
    - Why community might just be the underestimated angle
    - The importance of a strong hook
    - Why Nick thinks an adult ice cream van is the crack for adult-like ice creams in the park are for kids

    The full show notes, breakdown and template to steal this idea click over to (btw it's our dedicated supporting newsletter) - https://thefuturestatepodcast.substack.com/p/the-future-state-of-coffee-pitch 

    Danny Denhard & Nick Walter

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    46 mins
  • The Future State Of The High Street Podcast

    May 26 2021

    The Future State Of The High Street 🛍  

    Nick and I to discuss the important elements of the high street and answer the important questions:

    • The challenge of the high street
    • The history of the high street was to address the need
    • Why the evolution of butchers and grocers were so important in shaping today’s landscape
    • The community and local aspect of the high street and the importance of retail
    • Is the Poundlound IPO a sign of potential promising times?
    • The question that we should consider: Did fast fashion outlets kill the high street or was it online marketplaces? Thinking more than just eBay, Amazon, the newer marketplaces like Onbuy.com, notonthehighstreet & Etsy
    • Are high streets, shopping centres, retail parks considered the same thing or are they all competing?
    • Why immersive experiences are the way to go
    • Why Google, Amazon and Apple have stores as essential brand extensions
    • What’s coming next… a brighter more integrated high street?
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    41 mins
  • The Future State of VR

    May 20 2021

    This week Nick and I discuss the important elements and questions to answer:  

    • The Market size 
    • Facebook’s influence within the VR space 
    • Why AR is leading the way (thanks to filters, think Snap filters, Instagram filters)
    • Pro: How HTC Corporation is going for enterprise space,
      Play: Whereas Facebook is going for gaming and of course social media 
    • Why gaming, personal fitness, training and adult (yes that P-word) are popular use cases and likely to continue to drive adoption 
    • The Metaverse (yes it’s coming)
    • Why identity is going to be key 
    • And as ever our future state of VR aka our hot takes  

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    Thanks for listening
    Danny Denhard & Nick Walter

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