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  • The Audacity Bootcamp is a podcast for podcasters and ACX audiobook narrators who use Audacity. You'll find it to be a resource for creating exceptional audio for podcasts, audiobooks, and videos. You'll find helpful topics relevant and useful to podcast, audiobook, and video editors who use Audacity as their audio editing platform. My name is Mike Adams and I’m currently a podcast and video host, editor, and producer. My audio recording and production experience began in the mid-1990s and my podcasting career launched in March of 2015. I am not affiliated with Audacity or the Audacity Team in any official way. I am an independent audio/video nerd who uses Audacity for audio production.
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  • Playing To My Strength (021)

    Dec 7 2021

    About a year and half ago, I stumbled into my first experience at making instructional videos. A friend had suggested I make a couple of videos on using Audacity. I knew next to nothing about making videos but I decided to jump in and see what it was like. Now, a year and a half later, I've published over 200 instructional videos, most of them teaching Audacity. Based on the response I've received, instructional and tutorial videos have emerged as a strength of mine I didn't know I had until after taking that initial video plunge.

    That being said, I've decided to put this podcast on hiatus for the time being to give more attention to the video side of things and develop that further. Videos are where I'm getting the traffic and traction so I need to turn my attention fully in that direction for now. While this podcast will still be there, I won't be adding any new episodes to it for the time being. I have a few ideas for it but now isn't the right time for me. I am still online at the following places:

    The 3 courses I teach can be found at:

    I recorded this episode in my Zoom H6 recorder using my Audio-Technica AT2040 microphone and I edited it in Audacity version 3.1.3 Beta 1.


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    6 mins
  • New Audacity Manual Proposed (020)

    Nov 21 2021

    Audacity has announced plans to create a new online manual to replace the current one. The new manual will have a cleaner look and (it looks like) easier navigation. In addition, it can include video tutorials. I believe this would be a huge step forward in the betterment of Audacity. The link below will take you to Audacity's public announcement regarding the new online manual.

    Audacity version 3.1.2 is out and includes a fix to the loop function that I mentioned in an earlier video. I created a video showing that fix and other functions of the new loop feature including the Play-at-Speed tool and the Effects Preview button. The link to that video is below as well. Check it out when you can.



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    4 mins
  • Moving Audio Clips in Audacity 3.1.0 With Sync-Lock Tracks Enabled (019)

    Nov 17 2021

    I think I’ve uncovered a problem in Audacity version 3.1.0 regarding sync-lock tracks and the new way of moving audio clips. I use sync-lock tracks on every podcast I do to keep the intro/outro music and narration synched together but separate from the host and guest(s), who are also in sync with each other. When Audacity announced the new way of moving audio clips, beginning in version 3.1.0, my first thought was how that was going to work with sync-lock tracks enabled. It’s different now and you need to know about it if you use sync-lock tracks like I do. 

    The video I mentioned showing these changes can be found here:

    My recording setup for this episode. NOTE: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying Amazon purchases. This does not affect pricing:

    Other places you'll find me:

    The on-demand video courses I teach:

    FYI: Audacity version 3.1.1 is out with some minor bug fixes.


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    12 mins

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