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  • Insightful conversations with founders, entrepreneurs and business leaders, exploring the link between personal and business success. Evolve is a UK-based business coaching and development company committed to guiding you towards meaningful success.
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  • Cas Paton - "Create something that's not easy to take away."

    Jun 21 2021

    Cas Paton, founder and CEO of OnBuy.com, on competing with Amazon and eBay and the experience of seeing his company grow by 600% year-on-year for the past three years.

    Show Notes:

    (3:34) Founding OnBuy

    (6:01) Taking a different approach to the likes of Amazon and eBay

    (8:07) Transitioning the business

    (10:00) A leap of faith

    (13:26) The see-saw analogy

    (16:40) Managing growth

    (18:51) Challenges and advantages of phenomenal growth

    (21:04) Self-belief

    (23:09) Structuring OnBuy while retaining the original vision

    (23:43) The investment journey

    (27:48) Managing the distraction of investment

    (31:41) Having the right backers

    (33:28) Cas’s business model approach

    (35:21) Why Cas chose Poole as OnBuy’s base

    (37:02) Affect of the pandemic on Cas’s approach to hybrid working

    (39:05) Recruitment challenges and how to overcome them

    (41:33) Staying connected to the team while growing and recruiting so rapidly

    (44:09) Affect on entrepreneurialism on personal life & maintaining equilibrium within the team

    (50:00) OnBuy’s five-year plan

    (53:04) Personal definition of success

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    57 mins
  • Skye Robertson - "Choose courage over comfort."

    Jun 14 2021

    Skye Robertson is COO of Escape the City, a company whose mission is to help 1 million people do work that matters to them and the world. She talks entrepreneurialism, the future of work and finding meaning in what you do.

    Show Notes:

    (3:52) The story behind Escape the City

    (6:02) Biggest challenges people face when desiring a career change

    (8:02) Generational attitudes to work and career

    (9:53) Common reasons for people to make career change

    (11:40) How to find meaning in work

    (16:01) Can you learn to be an entrepreneur, or is it something innate?

    (17:35) The differing attitudes to work between British and Americans & doing what makes you happy

    (22:19) The present and future of remote working

    (29:33) Trends towards career changes post-pandemic

    (32:19) Trends towards working for and buying from B-Corps

    (34:43) The effect of social media on perceptions of entrepreneurialism

    (38:06) The importance of being part of a business community

    (39:52) On being brave

    (44:54) Skye’s definition of success




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    49 mins
  • Sue Campbell - Being disruptive but sustainable

    Jun 7 2021

    Sue Campbell, founder of Kind2 - an award-winning solid shampoo and conditioner - talks about leaving many years of secure corporate life behind in the pursuit of creating a sustainable product, as well as a brand that lives its values of kindness and good business practice.

    Show Notes:

    (00:14) Growing up in Australia, working in New Zealand, Hong Kong and the UK

    (2:33) Settling in the UK

    (3:25) More demand in the UK for sustainable products

    (3:38) What is Kind2?

    (5:02) The effect of awards on the business

    (6:32) What made you start your own business?

    (8:14) Leaving the security of the corporate world

    (10:50) Why shampoo bars?

    (13:23) Developing the product

    (15:32) Tips on being persistent and dealing with rejection

    (17:32) Creating a competitive brand

    (21:24) Outsourcing expertise that shares the same values

    (23:33) Convincing people to convert from ‘normal shampoo’ to shampoo bars

    (26:10) Dealing with the challenges of Covid

    (28:13) Subscription-based sales vs. through retailers

    (30:10) Sustainability as a marketing gimmick vs. sustainability as a true value

    (32:53) Five-year plan for Kind2

    (34:30) 10-year plan for Kind2

    (37:52) The importance of like-minded people

    (38:58) Everyday tips on for a more sustainable lifestyle

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    49 mins

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