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  • Each week join hosts The Dirtbags As they give their politically incorrect/correct take on Current events, Cultural Taboos, and whatever else comes to mind.
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  • May 21 2022

    Song Of The Show
    Million Miles by Graf Byrd

    First off: Olanski makes his case for suing The Make A Wish Foundation.

    Utah offers porn class students will watch porn together..
    Growing weed In space
     std allergy? Now she can’t have peanuts?
    Harvard has ties to salvery pledges 100million
    House votes to legalize weed waiting on Senate 
    Baby born with two penises has bigger one cut off.. doc said bc it didn’t work
    Passover Easter Ramadan all fell on the same weekend. 
    Elon musk buys twitter. Question
    Since last episode when we talked about FL passing the “don’t say gay bill” 
    Florida now cuts deal with Disney bc of don’t say gay bill.
     Disney no longer a municipality.
    Florida bans 50 math books due to CTR and sensitivity reasons.
    Tragic milestone. Children’s #1 cause of death in US is gun related 
    Gun-related deaths rose 29% among 1- to 19-year-olds from 2019 to 2020,
    Mask mandates lifted by TSA
    Isreali And hamas are at it again 
    Ukrainian still under siege 

    This Week On
    That’s A No For Me Dawg:
    Would you date someone who can talk to ghost?
    If you played in a big sports league would you rather take the big contract and always lose, Or take a smaller one to win?
    If your girl has a birthday dinner should you, her man cover the entire tab?
    If a person you don’t like (mean coworker) invites everyone out for their birthday, are you going?
    Who masturbates more, women or men?
    If you and your women get held up at gunpoint and she runs off. How would you feel?Would you let your 14 year old daughter kiss her bf in pics on social media?
    Do you have to talk you you lover everyday?
    Would you piss of mike Tyson for a dare?
    Should a man let his woman accept gifts from another man if he can’t afford them?
    How many days a week should the parent have the child to get child support? Black Chyna..
    Who would be the toughest person to beat if there were a present day Def jam vendetta?

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  • May 13 2022

    Song Of the Week:

    This Week On:
    Can you date someone that can talk to ghost?
    Would you take male birth control?
    Best man confess love to his best friends girl at their wedding what’s your reaction?
    Should a man let his girl accept gifts from another man if he can’t afford it?
    You can live longer if you upload ya Brain to the cloud.. you doing it?
    Can you date someone with short term memory loss?
    Have you learned enough from TV movie to survive in the woods? Like build a fire?

    This Week On:
    Jewish super hero moonknight
    Yale student steals 40 million in electronics
    White band SOJA soldiers of Jan army win Grammy over black reggae artists
    Elon be tweeting owns 9 percent of twitter now
    Black surpreme court judge Kentanji Brown
    64,000 question is now 680,000 due to inflation
    Paralyzed man using brain implant orders a beer
    House votes to legalize weed waiting on Senate 

    Guess That Crime, Dumb Laws According To Dumber States and much more!

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  • Apr 28 2022


    Song Of the show:

    This Week on That's a No For Me Dawg:
    Would you get shot 9 times in order to be a rap superstar?
    Free gas for year or lunch with Kayne
    If ya gal ask you to get ya ass waxed would you?
    If given the chance would you relive your whole life over?
    Would you accept you dream job if it meant not talking to your family for a year?
    Magic power for the lost of a sense?
    Is it stealing if you eat some grapes before you buy them?
    What lengths are you willing to go for the greater good?
    You just started dating this women.  Had sex and all. And one day she call and say her ex at

    This Week On NPOren
    Breaking news mr say it again himself sentence to 2 years house arrest after racist dies from one punch

    Jussie smoothie 
    Kanye  VS skete Vs kim
    Ukrainian president 
    Weird divorce
    Tom Brady unretires man loses 500k investment bc he bought tom Bradys last td ball
    Transgender swimmer is ranked number one now 
    Russians coming from Mexico 
    Florida's don’t say gay law 
    No more daylight saving time
    Jussie smoothie 
    Ga passed gun laws
    Crown act passes cannot hate on black folks hair 
    Brittany groaner locked up
    Cali coming for chic fil a bc of a traffic 

    This Week On Guess That Crime:
    Sailor kills wife lover when he come home early 
    (says he was being chased by a man with a gun)
    Robbers arrested for butt dialing while breaking into someones house 
    2 men arrested after getting pulled over and drugs being found in a bag labeled bag full of drugs

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