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  • Not a hidden missionary group. Each episode knocks another pillar out from beneath the tenants of idolatrous religions. Using scripture, life experiences, and a little satire, each episode challenges the listener, but also entertains. 

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  • Aug 2 2022

    Coming off a failed attempt to record a new episode, the "green" room was cleared of all alcohol and a second attempt made to begin building a NEW-New Testament.  Why not? The church has created a new one, and others have added to it as well.  As long as you add the phrase "do not add to, or subtract from..." to the new works, then it's perfectly fine to crank out more "Testaments."  In this episode, Ronnie and Jim crack the books and begin the foundation to publish the New New Testament featuring Baal.
    Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but the church got away with it!  It's money in the bank!

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    1 hr and 10 mins
  • Jul 24 2022

    Every Christian we've ever encountered (even when we were in that religion) has had questions arise as to why things just don't make sense in the New Testament.  Pastors are trained to deflect these answers and, at times, scorn the congregation for asking about them.  Reasoning, they say, is of Satan.
    There are answers to these questions, not just explanations or the absurd claim to "just have faith!"
    But you won't find those answers in the church.  Turn to the Torah!

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    55 mins
  • Jul 19 2022

    Pastors dazzle the congregation with a few words or a verse, but leave out larger portions that give CONTEXT to its meaning.  Last episode we discussed the beloved "what are these wounds between my hands" blurb from Zechariah 13: 6.  Ever wonder why they NEVER read the context?  In Zechariah's case, it is speaking of a FALSE prophet.  So, let's just leave that inconvenient part out. These Pastors build entire sermons and money-racking campaigns on this principle.  In this episode, Ronnie and Jim discuss the tactic.  Also, on the table is the point that every religion can boast of healings and miracles, which is not, and never has been, a justification for a legitimate religion.  In actuality, G_d warns us of those performing such miracles.  Deuteronomy 13 explicitly covers the topic.  Miracles can be performed by false teachers, so stop falling for the deception!

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    1 hr and 7 mins

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