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  • Not a hidden missionary group like most in this category! Be careful which podcasts you choose, many are Nicene-christianity pretending to be Jewish.
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  • Episode 14: Atonement Deaf

    Jul 31 2021

    If there is one thing covered over and over again throughout the Jewish Scriptures, it is the topic of atonement. If there is one thing the church wants its members and prospective members to never understand, it is atonement.  In this episode, Jim and Ronnie bring plenty of evidence showing that the issue of atonement has been addressed and described in detail by God, and that anyone coming along claiming otherwise is a liar.  The church came along and introduced pagan cult practices of an infatuation of bodily sacrifice and blood rituals as its doctrine.  We explore what the Jewish Scripture actually says.

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    1 hr and 16 mins
  • Episode 13: Critical Race Religion

    Jul 25 2021

    Today's world is filled with a never-ending onslaught of social justice warriors setting back race relations by calling out anything an everyone that doesn't go along with the twisted scheme.  In like-manner, religious zealots are jumping on the bandwagon trying to paint their idol in the most socially-acceptable color. 
    What difference does the color of your idol make?  In God's view, an idol is an idol, and needs to be smashed.  However, unlike those that smash and destroy to get attention to their deluded cause, you have the responsibility to smash your own idols.  We share some ridiculous statements and claims by others attempting to paint their Jesus idol in their favorite skin color.  

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    1 hr and 22 mins
  • Episode 12: A-Theist?

    Jul 18 2021

    In this episode, Ronnie and Jim tackle the topic of Atheism.  Both Ronnie and Jim have witnessed a vast number of self-proclaimed atheists having justifiable anger towards the Christian church, and rightfully so. While they don't subscribe to the beliefs of the atheist, they do understand how they have gotten there.  The church has lied to people since its inception, and has caused people to turn away from God.  The church has also racked up a body count like no other religion, as well as persecution of anything in its wake.  The truth is out there, and it is the Torah, despite the church's attempt to burn every single copy it could. 

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    1 hr and 18 mins

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