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  • The Think About It… podcast is hosted by Johnnie Williams III, author and encouragement specialist. You are invited to join him along a journey to share the wisdom he’s gained from more than 20 years of public speaking to over a million young people. This podcast is for the wise and witty individuals who love too THINK, and enjoy dissecting deep thoughts. He has published over 1,000 of his own quotes, and each of them offers a very interesting backstory and lots of food for thought. He aspires to inspire more than a million people daily with thought stirring original quotes on his Think About It…app which is available for Apple and Android devices. Johnnie expects for this podcast to serve as his greatest gift to date, and it will only require you pay with your attention to receive all he has to offer. So be sure to subscribe and join his tribe for more content and exclusive access to the growing community of diverse thinkers on TheThoughtTribe.com
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  • The Think About It...podcast trailer

    Oct 17 2021

    The Think About It...podcast offers listeners a fresh perspective on the inner development of ones self. The podcast host has served as an inspirational speaker for more than 20 years and intends to introduce lots of interesting thoughts for you to think about.

    With over 1,111 empowering statements, Johnnie Williams III plans to break down and explain the messages he nestled into each of his short phrases. Some of the quotes will come with touching memories and others will couple well with research and interesting metaphors that will have folks caught in thought and looking forward to the next heartfelt episode.

    This podcast will only take up 15-20 minutes, but promises to be time well invested in content suited for your personal evolution. So be sure to subscribe and join the community of thinkers on TheThoughTribe.com

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    1 min
  • ‘Something to Think About…’ (audiobook sample)

    Oct 21 2021

    Checkout an exclusive sample of Johnnie Williams audiobook ‘Something to Think About…which offers 369 thought stirring original quotes to aid your SELF awareness.  This 51 minute excerpt will provide a taste of what this podcast has in store for you. The narrator Steve Osarczuk does a wonderful job of encouraging listeners to THINK as he reads the quotes from chapter 5 which focus upon ACHIEVEMENT.

    is available now!!!

    Take a listen to the quotes that will be explored, explained and expanded upon during the first season of The Think About It…podcast. Also consider downloading the Think About It… app for a daily dose of encouragement compliments of Johnnie Williams. The app allows downloaders to select the time of day they wish to get caught in thought, along with options for sharing and saving your favorite thoughts.

    TheThoughtTribe.com aims to serve a global community of thinkers, and the app (viewable in 7 different languages) is just another added benefit for our podcast subscribers. 

    We all have thoughts on subjects like life, politics, education, and relationships. But are our thoughts actually our own? How often do we really dissect the roots of what we think and believe? Society is full of people reacting their way through life and wondering why they arrive at the outcomes they do. It's time for a thought revolution! 

    By sharing hundreds of thought-provoking quotes plucked from speeches and personal coaching sessions, Encouragement Specialist Johnnie Williams III has crafted a powerful daily thought process to guide you in your self-awareness journey. At a time when people are awakening to the reality that they have been sleepwalking through life comes a resource that focuses upon the creation of a healthy thinking habit. Take a step forward, but don't forget to look back at what—or who—has really been steering you from the life path you want and the purpose you've come to fulfill. 

    Something to Think About... will take you to a new level, as long as you trust the process. This book was created to help you discover YOU!

    Enjoy the journey,

    Johnnie Williams III

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    51 mins
  • 001 - Take A Chance

    Nov 1 2021

    "You don't have to be great to get started, but you must get started to ever become great."   -  Johnnie Williams III  -

    In this first official episode of The Think About It...podcast, the host Johnnie Williams discusses the importance of taking a chance in life.

    This podcast has activated a journey focused upon thought and courageous conversations. Each episode promises a unique quote to think about and then our discussions about it will continue on The Thought Tribe social network. You can also call in your questions or share your comments by dialing (315) THOUGHT / (315) 846-8448.

    This episode focused upon the thought:

    "You don't have to be great to get started, but you must get started to ever become great." - Johnnie William III

    What have you become great at?

    What is holding you back from becoming great?

    What do you believe you could be or could've been great at ?

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    29 mins

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