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  • The Every Day Growth Experience is a personal improvement micro-podcast that is centered around the concept of the growth mindset.
    Jack Lyons
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  • Do It Anyway

    Jan 14 2022

    There's a famous quote that I like that says, “Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will”.  I'm not sure who said it, but I absolutely agree.  For many of us, fear often stops us before we even give ourselves the chance to fail.  The fact is, most of the things we fear will never happen.  That doesn't mean we should never be afraid.  In my opinion, fear is a useful tool for preparation.   It helps us to be aware of potential problems.  However, when fear alone stands between where we are and where we want to be… we now have a problem!

    This week's entry into “Meditations on the Way Up” moving forward in spite of our fears.

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    2 mins
  • Just You

    Jan 7 2022

    I remember listening to an episode of Joe Rogan's podcast and hearing him tell his audience to, “Be the hero of your own movie."  I love that metaphor.  When we watch superhero movies, we often find ourselves watching in awe as the super-powered protagonist overcomes seemingly impossible circumstances and save the day.

    If you apply this metaphor to your own life and imagine you are living in a movie, ask yourself the question… which role are you playing?  Are you the damsel in distress?  Are you waiting on someone to come save you?  Are you the sidekick, living in someone else's shadow instead of making your own decisions?  Or… Are you the hero, taking control of your own destiny and saving the day (saving yourself)?

    This week's entry into “Meditations on the Way Up” is all about acknowledging our own superpowers.

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    2 mins
  • Ground Zero

    Jan 3 2022

    In the first entry to "Meditations on the Way Up", we discuss when and where to get started on your journey!  

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    3 mins

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