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  • As a coach building a business, you’re learning so many skills at once – improving your coaching, marketing, sales, running a business, serving your clients – it can be pretty overwhelming. The fears, doubts, and confusion that set in can stop you in your tracks if you let them. Molly Claire has been in your shoes and she has helped hundreds of other coaches to move forward and create successful, meaningful, and profitable businesses that make a difference in the world. In this podcast she will offer you insights on improving your coaching impact, learning the basics of running a business, how to move forward through doubt and fear as you step into belief, all while staying true to your values and the life you want to create. Ready to up-level your coaching impact and make a difference in the world? Let’s get started.
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  • Meet the Coaches: A Mentor Coach's Journey

    Sep 22 2021

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    Looking inward, finding out what you want for your own life… this is the journey every good coach takes. In today’s episode, I interview some of the mentors from The Coaching Collective. Each has her own coaching business and shares a bit of her own unique coaching style and coaching members in the Collective. Mentors in The Coaching Collective meet one-on-one with Collective clients. They connect, support, help them get unstuck and come alongside as members work through challenges in their businesses. I absolutely love the variety of vibes and styles and approaches and find this to be so valuable. I hope hearing a bit of their perspectives will instill confidence in you that differing personalities all can succeed in the coaching space. I also hope you’ll resonate with one or more of our Coaching Collective mentors and that it empowers you to move forward in growth.

    What You’ll Learn

    • After going through the program yourself, why did you want to become a mentor in The Coaching Collective?
      • Experience and discussion with master mentors
      • Moving from wanting to quit to thriving
      • Staying part of the impact and philosophy of the group
      • Feeling at home and connection with community
      • No longer feeling alone on an island
    • What do you usually work on with our clients, what is your “unique genius”?
      • Shifting perspectives
      • Cultivating wholeness
      • Inspiring progression
      • Creating connections with self, others, and the why behind their why
      • Leading liberation
    • What is the most powerful benefit for clients in the mentor program?
      • Knowing someone has walked the walk
      • Getting help with personal issues in addition to business issues
      • Feeling secure and being poured into individually
      • Getting laser-focused on the main thing for that day or week
      • Experiencing the best of both worlds
    • What do you see as a benefit to the coaches as they participate?
      • Identifying and dealing with themes that crop up over and over
      • Celebrating wins
      • Leveling up your coaching by hearing multiple voices
      • Having access both to mentors and to Aimée and Molly
    • If you could go back to when you first decided to join The Coaching Collective, what would you tell your past self?
      • Your dreams really will come true
      • You will have all the support you’ll ever need
      • Follow your heart
      • Trust that what is here for you is meant for you
      • Your confidence will uplevel
      • Your future will change in a powerful way; you’ll make this your only job
      • This will be the turning point for you

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    Connect with the Mentors

    Connect with Molly Claire

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  • Offer Insecurity: Business Mastery for Pricing Confidence

    Sep 15 2021

    The coaching world has expanded and showing people the value is easier than ever. Most potential clients already possess some knowledge of the value of coaching. I see this as a huge advantage. You can spend less time educating people on the value and more time standing out in your unique way. However, I still see many coaches struggling with hesitancy and insecurity around the topic of their offer. 

    Do you have thoughts of doubt that you can stand out? That you can take advantage of the foundation that has been laid? In this episode, I hope to reframe your mindset around opportunity and give you some confidence in your offer and pricing.

    What You’ll Learn 

    • Give yourself permission to be proud of yourself
      • Don’t compare the external experiences of others with your internal experience
      • Your business is different, be you
      • Offer insecurity hinders business growth
    • Offer Insecurity #1: Price
      • Drama around price is directly related to money beliefs
      • Check in on your money beliefs; reframe your normal
      • Confidence and competence; choose a price with confidence and sell it
      • Adjust for your demographic and ideal avatar
    • Offer Insecurity #2: Offer Details
      • Giving too much? Too little? More tools? Less tools? … Recognize the insecurity noise
      • There is no “best way” to offer; it’s all about what your clients need 
      • Use your own ideal life and schedule as a guide
    • Offer Insecurity #3: Delivering on Your Promises
      • You can’t guarantee results but you can guarantee you’ll provide all the tools your clients need to succeed, and deliver on that
      • Focus on the most important, most valuable aspects your clients’ get from your coaching
      • While you continue to grow as a coach, go all in on what you can offer and deliver

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    Connect with Molly Claire

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  • Q and A with Aimee Gianni

    Sep 8 2021
    We’re bringing you a cut-to-the-chase Q&A session! Aimée and I get a lot of recurring questions about our program The Coaching Collective. The Coaching Collective is a 6 month, signature program offered by Aimée Gianni and myself, Molly Claire. In this program, we focus on 3 aspects: mastering your coaching skills, clarifying what you want in your life, and helping you craft and grow your business. (We call these: Coaching Skill Mastery, Personal Life Mastery and Business Mastery.) To help you succeed, we use a specific back and forth process of consumption and taking action. Listen to learn more! What You’ll Learn  Overview and explanation of the general framework and goals of The Coaching Collective   Q: How much time do I actually get with Aimée and/or Molly? Or will I work mostly with other mentors?  Elevation callsPersonal mastery calls with Aimée or MollyInvitations to listen in on additional callsSmall group callsMaster Your Coaching Calls with Aimée or Molly -- these are our favorite!Special guestsAll calls are meeting style -- see everyone and people are invited to speak and give their thoughts in certain calls Q: How big are the groups? Will I just get lost in a sea of other coaches in the Collective? Group calls (like Elevation Calls) sizeSmall groups and calls size1-on-1 mentor calls with coaches that have been through the Collective Q: I’m brand new to coaching. Am I far enough along to be in something like this? OR I’m pretty far along in my business. Will I gain anything from this? New? Avoid building someone else’s business and build confidenceAlready seasoned? Uplevel your coaching and reexamine your business before you scale to the next level Q: I don’t want to own my own business. I just want to be a contracted coach. Will this still help me? Master Your Coaching will be gold for youWe adapt the program for your goals Q: What will I actually create by the end of the program? Everything is designed to move your business forward, you’ll be working on your businessGain greater belief in yourself The Coaching Collective Community Support one anotherNo pressure to build a business that looks like someone else’s Q: How is this different from The Life Coach School? This is not for any kind of coaching certification; it’s about upleveling your coachingWe teach you how to live life while business building  Q: How much time will this take on a weekly basis? Approximately 2 hours of calls you can attend weeklyAbout 1 hour or less of video trainingMost of your time is actually spent creating and building your businessWe use time constraints to keep you from getting off track Contact Info and Recommended Resources The Coaching Collective (thecoachingcollective.com) -- Is it right for you? You’re a certified life coach who often feels overwhelmed with your business.You want your skills to be top-notch, but you lack confidence in your ability to give your clients the results they want.You’re tired of feeling unsure in your business. What you want is a proven path that will work for you. This is the place for coaches ready to build the life and business of their dreams. Join the Collective for our next session! Connect with Aimée C. Gianni, M.S. Aimée Gianni is a seasoned marriage and family therapist, with over 20 years’ experience. She’s a Master Coach Instructor, co-founded The Coaching Collective with Molly Claire, and together, they’ve also created Advanced Relationship Training for Certified Coaches. Website: aimeegianni.comEmail: hello@aimeegianni.comInstagram: instagram.com/aimeegiannims  Connect with Molly Claire The Coaching Collective: thecoachingcollective.com -- Sign up for free monthly mastery trainings!Work with Molly! mollyclaire.com/coachingEmail: molly@mollyclaire.comFacebookInstagram
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