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  • The Power of Genetics Podcast is designed to help visionary practitioners build a more successful practice, transform more lives, and lead their patients into the future of personalized health. In each episode, Dr. Yael Joffe will interview successful practitioners and leading thought leaders who will share their insights and expertise to help you prepare your practice for what lies ahead.
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  • Aug 9 2022

    Dr. David Jockers is a doctor of natural medicine, a functional nutritionist and a corrective care chiropractor. He is the founder of Exodus Health Center in Georgia,  and runs the popular natural health website DrJockers.com, designed to empower people with science based solutions to improve their health. He is a best-selling author of three books, the most recent of which is “The Keto Metabolic Breakthrough”, where he shares his revolutionary new approach in transforming our health by using the principles of the ketogenic diet to reset our metabolism. Dr. Jockers has developed several online programs with thousands of participants. These programs include e-guides, recipes, meal plans and video instructions including “The Fasting Transformation Quickstart Program,” “The Sugar Detox,” “Navigating the Ketogenic Diet,” and “The Digestive Health Restoration Program,” and the “Super Brain Program.” David’s work has been published in various popular media outlets including ABC, Fox News, The Hallmark Channel, and the Dr Oz Show. He also hosts the popular Dr Jockers' Functional Nutrition podcast.


    Topics discussed in this episode:

    • How Dr. Jockers started his health and wellness journey
    • What led him to pursue a career in chiropractic medicine
    • How David went from being a lacto-ovo vegetarian to switching to a low carb, no grain, Paleo diet with intermittent fasting to heal his IBS and gut issues
    • What made him shift his focus from being a health practitioner to a world renowned health entrepreneur
    • Why he decided to create online health and wellness programs
    • His goal for the next 10 years
    • How genetics can help us optimize our health
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    33 mins
  • Jul 27 2022

    Kathie Swift,  is the co-founder of the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy, a comprehensive, online educational program on functional medicine.


    Kathie has held many diverse positions throughout her career.  Notable in her dietetic career, she served as the Education Director for the Center for Mind Body Medicine’s highly acclaimed “Food As Medicine” professional training program for two decades. 


    She has pioneered innovative nutrition programs at Canyon Ranch Health Resorts, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and Dr. Mark Hyman’s UltraWellness Center. She also serves on numerous advisory boards including 3×4 Genetics, and the Integrative Healthcare Symposium and Integrative Medicine.


    She has authored and co-authored several medical textbooks, has been a guest in numerous health and nutrition conferences, and has been interviewed in hundreds of articles, both in the US and abroad. 


    For her many years of service and dedication to advancing the field of integrative and functional medicine, Kathie received the first Visionary Leadership Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine Dietetic Practice Group.


    Kathie has been dubbed as “the mother of integrative and functional nutrition” by thought leaders in the field and has been recognized by Today’s Dietitian as “a dietitian making a difference”.


    She maintains a heart-core approach to educating health care professionals, and  teaches her students how to create vibrant, nourishing lives for themselves and their clients by combining the best of modern nutritional science, integrative and functional medicine, mind body modalities, and ancient healing practices.


    Topics discussed in this episode:

    • Kathie’s transitional journey on nutritional medicine borne from a personal health crisis
    • The STAIN heuristic
    • Her work with the Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine group
    • Kathie’s view on the state of nutrition today, and of being a clinician in this area
    • The need for guidance in navigating the science of nutrition
    • The “Food As Medicine” movement
    • Major gaps in the conventional dietetics education
    • What gave Kathie the impetus to launch a formal online training program in integrative and functional nutrition
    • Her advice for practitioners and health professionals
    • The need for specialization and growing forward
    • The importance of having genetic data in nutrition therapy
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    39 mins
  • Jul 12 2022

    Dr. Christine Houghton holds degrees in Nutrigenomics, Biochemistry and Human Nutrition, and is a registered Nutritionist and an Adjunct Lecturer in the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Science at the University of Queensland. 

    Backed by over three decades of experience as a private practice Nutritionist, Christine founded Cell-Logic, a company which researches and manufactures nutrigenomic ingredients for clinical application. 

    Her strong background in Biochemistry and Human Nutrition has made her one of the most well respected leaders in the field of nutrigenomics, the study of how food-derived nutrients can change the expression of genes.

    Christine is passionate about promoting and teaching health professionals and individuals alike on how to achieve optimal health through drugless means.

    In  this episode, we follow Christine’s journey in the world of nutrition, nutrigenomics, and biochemistry. 

    Topics discussed in this episode:

    • How Christine's interest in food and health started at a young age
    • How the then archaic approach to nutrition pushed her to pursue self-learning
    • Food as a home for signaling molecules that affects changes in gene expression
    • Nutrigenomics as an important tool in exploring the biochemical individuality of different people
    • Why megadose vitamin therapy goes against nature's own mechanisms and  is not the most effective approach to nutrition
    • How the need to get to the facts enabled Christine to push boundaries and tackle the status quo in the field of nutrition
    • Christine and Yael’s serendipitous meeting during a conference and how they got to start working together
    • How Christine started her company
    • Her advice to practitioners who are just starting out in their career
    • The importance of looking to nature and adapting a non-reductionist approach in patient treatment

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    40 mins

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