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  • Every business is in some way a “people business”. Success or failure often comes down to how leaders manage the people dynamics of their organization. People Business is a weekly podcast focused on what it takes to build and lead a successful, profitable business by navigating the human element. The host, O’Brien McMahon, is a Senior Vice President in Lockton’s Total Rewards Group where he works with companies to build and manage their benefits, compensation, and retirement programs. Having met with 300+ companies in the last decade, he’s seen all manner of industries, business models, and leadership styles. He’s fascinated by what makes people tick and how they work together (or don’t).
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  • May 17 2022

    Liam Martin believes we have corrupted "work from home" and turned it into "living at work". He wants to correct those mistakes and help companies run remote the right way. Liam is a serial entrepreneur who runs Time Doctor and Staff.com — one of the most popular time tracking and productivity software platforms in use by top brands today. He is also a co-organizer of the world's largest remote work conference — Running Remote — and has a book out by the same name, helping business leaders put these practices in place in their organizations.

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    Time Codes:

    (3:25) - Liam’s thesis for Remote Work.
    (6:05) - Why do you believe remote work is a viable option and what are the rules for a good remote working environment?
    (12:27) - Turning “working from home” into “living at work.”
    (14:04) - How did you learn how to set boundaries for Remote Work?
    (17:12) - Remote Work’s impact on the Great Resignation
    (21:46) - What is the role of teams coming together in person?
    (25:34) - What is different about management in an asynchronous organization vs. on-site?
    (36:35) - The open-source aspect of asynchronous management.
    (40:10) - What personality types would struggle with remote work?
    (44:00) - How can we build relationships without being face to face with people?
    (49:41) - How are you training your people?
    (1:01:39) - Is there any struggle in the asynchronous model when a team member works with people outside the organization?
    (1:10:58) - What is the purpose of business?
    (1:14:14) - Where can people find and engage with you?

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  • May 10 2022

    Laura McGee is the founder and CEO of Diversio, a people analytics company that uses artificial intelligence to help organizations become more inclusive. With offices in Toronto, New York, and London, Diversio was recognized by Fast Company as a “World Changing Idea: Data and AI” in 2021. Prior to Diversio, Laura was a consultant at McKinsey & Company with a focus on economic growth. She was named a Top 25 Women of Influence in 2017 and holds multiple Board positions, including Global Citizen, University of Waterloo, Ted Rogers School of Management, and ArcTern Ventures. 

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    Time Codes:

    (3:15) - What brought you to DEI work?
    (6:18) - What does it mean to use AI to read data?
    (8:31) - Do you have an example of this algorithm being used in practice?
    (10:00) - How do you filter between issues from employees that stem from home vs. those that stem from the workplace?
    (13:17) - Diversio’s survey techniques and data trends.
    (15:12) - How do you identify the things a client needs to do well?
    (18:47) - How do you effectively implement pilot programs?
    (22:31) - What does the deliverable look like that a client sees when you go through a survey?
    (24:56) - What have been some of the biggest surprises you’ve seen doing this work?
    (28:07) - Are most of the issues you see caused purposefully or due to ignorance?
    (32:25) - What types of disabilities or mental illness are you seeing as being included the least in the workplace?
    (35:11) - What recommendations are you making for employers when it comes to mental health?
    (37:04) - What is neurodiversity?
    (37:33) - How do you respond to someone saying that there are simply too many sub-groups to effectively affirm everyone’s differences and still effectively run a business?
    (40:23) - Open source solutions for people who are motivated to start this work
    (42:34) - What were the conversations like when deciding to open source your work?
    (45:34) - What are the biggest hurdles you see companies facing even with all this data in hand?
    (46:44) - How are companies effectively implementing your feedback and solutions?
    (47:34) - Why would companies use this tool as a risk assessment?
    (50:12) - What are you sick of talking about?
    (52:23) - What are you most excited to be talking about?
    (53:11) - What do you think people are not talking enough about?
    (53:46) - What is the purpose of business?

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  • May 3 2022

    Michael F. Schein is the Head Hype Man at MicroFame Media, a company that specializes in making consultants and coaches famous in their fields. His writing has appeared in Fortune, Forbes, Inc., Psychology Today, and Huffington Post, and he is a speaker for international audiences spanning from the northeastern United States to the southeastern coast of China. His book The Hype Handbook: 12 Indispensable Success Secrets From the World’s Greatest Propagandists, Self-Promoters, Cult Leaders, Mischief Makers, and Boundary Breakers published by McGraw Hill, appears wherever books are sold.

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    Time Codes:

    (3:26) - What is hype?
    (5:42) - When did hype become something you wanted to dedicate your career to?
    (8:59) - How should the everyday person be thinking about hype?
    (12:26) - How does someone find the right audience for their message?
    (15:06) - “Make war, not love.”
    (20:22) - How does someone pick fights if they don't like conflict? 
    (23:43) - Do you have exercises for this? 
    (24:57) - “Create your own secret society.”
    (31:27) - Re-thinking how you network.
    (44:42) - What type of language resonates most with people?
    (49:37) - How can people add theatricality to a business setting?
    (55:28) - Michael’s take on the phrase “Under-promise & Over-deliver.”
    (1:04:10) - Where can people find you?

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