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Publisher's Summary

One thing that no one tells you about being a writer is just how much business stuff you have to learn. In retrospect, it makes sense. Modern corporations provide the equivalent of patronage, allowing artists of all stripes to practice their craft with stuff that’s both limited and challenging. Inevitably, what people will pay for producing is stuff directly relevant to their interests, and so over the years I’ve produced a lot of documents over time about management, law, and politics. Some were explanations and guides, some were for courses I took; all were at once fascinating and difficult to engage with properly.

Chapters include:

  1. What Is English Law, and Who Chooses Its Shape?
  2. How the Criminal Justice System Works and How It Could Be Improved
  3. Theories of Crime Causation
  4. The Moral and Economic Implications Involved in the Occupy Wall Street Movement
  5. Legal & Ethical Errata 
  6. Can Competency Be Measured?
  7. Management Styles
  8. The Impact of the Digital Revolution on Consumer Behavior
  9. Anti-Communism and Anti-Nazism in Warner Brothers’ Productions
  10. How-to Guides and Short Articles
  11. Q&A on People, Life, Philosophy, Theology, and More
©2016 Chirag Patel (P)2019 Chirag Patel

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