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Publisher's Summary

In this audiobook, I set out to teach you about passive income, but I hope to do a bit more than that. This book will discuss everything you need to know to start generating real results from a wide variety of passive income streams, and also explain how you can stick with them to see the best results in the shortest period possible. Then you will learn about a variety of different online options including running an online business, affiliate marketing, dropshipping, stock photos, and advertising on an Instagram account.

I expect you to fully understand what and how to earn extra money through this stream of generating money. You will agree with me that passive earners can be both active and passive. Apparently, passive income is more advantageous in this book will reap you great satisfaction.

Here is a preview of what’s included....

  • Online passive income - myth vs. Fact
  • Benefits of passive income
  • Starting your own business - factors to consider
  • Things to know before starting an online marketing business
  • Creating a passive income online on a budget
  • Online business
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Much, much more!

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