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Find out how NASA creates and leads stellar teams and how you can bring Mission Control leadership to your organisation.  

Failure is always an option....

For more than 50 years, NASA's Mission Control has been known for two things: perfect decision-making in extreme situations and producing generations of steely-eyed missile men and women who continue that tradition. A key to that legacy of brilliant performance is a particular brand of leadership, especially at the working level in Mission Control.  

Take the ultimate insider's look at the leadership values and culture that created the best team on this planet. Paul Sean Hill was responsible for NASA's Mission Operations support for manned space flight from 2007 to 2011. In this candid audiobook he shows that the secret to Mission Control's success has never been rocket science and that the real practice of perfect decision-making can be applied to any organisation or team. By demonstrating how his Mission Control team nurtured a culture which has delivered impossible wins for decades, Hill provides a guide for all leaders to boost their company's performance at all levels.  

Whether failure means cost and schedule overruns, quality reduction, loss of market share, bankruptcy - or putting someone's life a risk, how we lead can determine whether even small mistakes are dealt with or are left to snowball out of control and destroy an enterprise. Discover how to take leadership from the Mission Control Room to your boardroom and beyond and achieve this out-of-this-world leadership environment in your team.  

©2018 Paul Sean Hill (P)2018 Hodder & Stoughton Limited

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