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One Lone Friend: A Novel in Three Movements

The Lopeha Adventures
By: Bill Webb
Narrated by: Bill Webb
Length: 5 hrs and 57 mins

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Publisher's Summary

Two close childhood friends, separated since high school, meet again in the high desert of New Mexico after transcendental experiences catapult them out of alcoholism and drug addiction. They are assisted by an old one in the form of a crazy old man in a dune buggy who guides them into a new life of helping many recover from the devastation caused by the extensive uranium mining in the Four Corners (New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado). 

In the First Movement, follow John and Terry through the heart-wrenching pain and destruction caused by their addictions before they reunite. Then see their dramatic awakenings by means of mysterious other-worldly encounters, and their amazingly coincidental meeting in the Chuska Mountains of New Mexico. 

In the Second Movement, watch as their awakening spreads healing and harmony to others using their new found powers of transcending time and space to spread love, peace, and harmony. They visit a young Navajo warrior in the 1840s and save him from the cavalry. They see him again in the 1950s during the uranium rush as a very old, yet strangely robust medicine man and commission him to sing the medicine ceremonies for the healing of his people from leetso, the yellow monster caused by radiation due to the mining.

In the First Interlude, they save William Maestro, first as a young ambitious college graduate/uranium prospector in the 1950s who is trapped on a high ledge. Then, in the Second Interlude, as a billionaire businessman 20 years later. They meet him in his high-rise office and experience a transforming vision dance ceremony together that turns maestro from a life of greed and selfishness to one that helps the Navajo recover from leetso and will eventually spread to all mankind.

In the Third Movement, they visit a Navajo miner in the lunchroom of the largest uranium mine in New Mexico, and lead him into an enlightenment that turns him back to guiding young people as a high school science teacher. They watch as Sadoval is transformed out of this world. John returns to his family. Terry faces his drug crimes, and John discovers who the One Lone Friend actually is: the elusive apparition that had appeared so many times, in so many forms throughout his life. 

Through fantasy and imagination, coupled with a down to earth understanding of human nature, Bill Webb expertly portrays the devastation and recovery of the alcoholic and drug addict, and focuses on how recovery can spread to others and be a beacon to enlighten the world. 

Here is a non-religious, yet spiritual novel that anyone can identify with if they have a desire for peace, love, and harmony.

©2018 William George Webb (P)2018 William George Webb

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