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While great things are expected of Amazon, Mp3 Store and Cloud Player are two of the most talked about topics these days. This is because Kindle, which was initially known for reading books and later, appeared as a smart device that connects you with the ever-expanding online world, was never seen as something that could be used for music. Indeed, music and Kindle makes a very awkward, but very interesting combination. Kindle has now evolved more than ever, providing you space on the cloud for your music. Yes, that's correct! Now you can take music with you on the go as the cloud that carries all your favorite tracks will be following you wherever you go. Ever thought you can have a transparent database for storing your favorite tracks and music? Well, Kindle has made this a reality by offering users a personalized space to store their favorite music on the cloud, which can be accessed anywhere and at any hour of the day. This audiobook has all the information you have been looking to make the most out of the Mp3 Store and Cloud player like a pro. Keep listening till the end and enjoy!

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