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  • Is it a movie podcast? Is it a history podcast? Is it an unholy union of the two? Short answer: yes! Each episode, hosts Colin MacCormack, Elijah Fleming and Christie Vogler break down a new movie about Greece, Rome or the wider ancient world and what works (or doesn’t work) about them. But this isn’t a podcast for nitpicking historical inaccuracies. Rather, it’s a chance to get hot takes on Hollywood films from professional nerds/academics and take a closer look at the relation between our movies and our pasts.
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  • May 20 2022

    After much ado, we finally tackle the big question: why did it have to be snakes? Joined by Egyptologists and hosts of the Afterlives with Kara Cooney podcast, Kara Cooney and Jordan Galczynski, we uncover Steven Spielberg's 1981 archaeology-adventure classic, Raiders of the Lost Ark. We talk real vs. fantasy archaeology and the myths and ideals embraced/propagated by Indiana Jones. We also discuss our own personal Belloqs (re: nemesis), where artifacts do(n't) belong, the relation between government and archaeology and what creatures we wouldn't want to find while digging. No artifacts were harmed in the making of this podcast.

    You can hear and read more from Kara and Jordan at their websites: https://karacooney.squarespace.com/ and https://jagalczynski.squarespace.com/

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    1 hr and 19 mins
  • Apr 27 2022

    This episode, it's all about the three C's of classical education: Caesar, Cicero and Cheating at trivia contests. We dig into The Emperor's Club (2002), the oft-forgotten antithesis to Dead Poets Society about how Kevin Kline instills soon-to-be-famous teen actors with moral rigor among by talking about Rome. We discuss the value and shortcomings of teaching classical civilizations, our own pedagogical knacks and how much we'd charge to help an eccentric millionaire cheat at his own trivia contest. Answer: one bottle of nice-ish wine. Justice for Šutruk-Nakhunte!

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    1 hr and 26 mins
  • Apr 6 2022

    Or as we like to call it "It Should Have Been Set on Crete." Join us with special guest from Let's Talk About Myths, Baby! Liv Albert as we dive into the semi-historical, semi-mythological world (maybe alternate dimension?) of BBC's Atlantis (2013). This show is a real who's who of mythological characters and British character actors (Vincent Reagan once again graces our screens). We get Oedipus, Minos, Ariadne, Pasiphae, Circe and many others. At the center of our adventure are our heroes: a debauched Hercules, a love-interest Medusa, an oddly historical Pythagoras, all led by an uncharacteristically competent and often shirtless Jason. Overall, this is a light-hearted and often enjoyable but deeply shallow take on ancient mythology which, ironically, felt a little out of time on network TV circa 2013.

    You can find Liv at her website https://www.mythsbaby.com/, where you can find her podcast and books, including the latest cocktail book, Nectar of the Gods, and on twitter at @mythsbaby

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    1 hr and 25 mins

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