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  • Welcome to the mistake free real estate Podcast, where we deep dive in the world of passive TURNKEY rental homes. You'll hear from the leading industry experts in banking, title and real estate sales, as well as in depth discussions with the industries biggest deal providers, house flippers, and passive investors. Each episode will cover all the mistake made in real estate investing so that you don't have to experience them the hard way. Remember.....the biggest mistake you may ever make is NEVER buying rental real estate at all!
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  • How to Scale A Real Estate Business with Marck de Lautour on Inside The Wolf's Den

    Dec 3 2021

    Have you been trying to scale your real estate business, but not seeing any progress? This episode is for you. Marck de Lautour joins Shaun and Joni in the Wolf’s Den. Marck will share his backstory and the different strategies he has used to scale his business and conquer other markets.

    Marck graduated with a master’s degree in International Business Management from the University of Missouri Kansas City. The founder and CEO of SBD Housing Solutions is a turnkey real estate investment firm based in the Kansas City area. He has been investing in real estate since 2002. He has successfully flipped over 1600 homes in the US. His property management firm now manages over 650 rental homes. Marck’s team will flip over 250 houses in 2021 and has growth plans to reach their big goal of 1000 homes flipped in a year by 2024. 

    Grab a notebook and pen. You need to take some notes.

    Key Talking Points of the Episode:

    [01:55] Marck’s backstory

    [03:57] How Marck has evolved over the years

    [06:18] Valleys that Marck has been through and how they have shaped him into the person he is

    [12:30] The essence of hanging around higher-level people

    [13:46] Guardrails to keep when working with a friend

    [18:34] How Marck manages working in different markets

    [37:30] How does Marck finance his deals

    [29:01] Where does Marck think things are headed in the next couple of months?

    [33:10] What’s next for Marck and his company?

    Quotes from the Episode:

    “You can’t be the answer to every question. Surrounding yourself with more talented individuals is the best way to go.”

    “I’ve realized is that the strength of the CEO or the strength of the entrepreneur will eventually become the weakness in the company.”

    “Most visionaries are not good at accountability because they’ve just driven. They drive themselves, and they’re surprised when others are not equally driven.”

    “I believe that the stock market is frothy. I think that there will be a correction coming sooner rather than later. We want to be there to help people diversify.”

    Connect with Marck de Lautour:

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marck-de-lautour/

    Website: https://sbdhousing.com/

    Podcast: https://www.audible.com/pd/Mistake-FREE-Real-Estate-With-Marck-de-Lautour-Podcast/B08JJNWRD8

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  • Building Strategic Relationships with Corey Peterson

    Nov 27 2021

    Are you in real estate thinking of earning a strategic relationship? This episode is for you! Today I have the pleasure of hosting Corey Peterson on the show. Corey and I are in a strategic relationship. The beauty of our relationship is that our roles are clearly defined, and none of us micromanages the other.

    Corey Peterson is a multifamily investor. He’s an author, podcast host, mastermind host, and coach. Corey has learned how to create both financial freedom and time freedom. Corey enjoys serving others by building both his and his investors’ wealth and teaching others how to do it.

    In this episode, we’ll be telling you how our partnership began, the deals we have done together and what we are looking forward to in the future. Also, Corey will share some nuggets of wisdom for the newbies in the industry.

    Listen in and learn.

    Key Talking Points of the Episode:

    [01:08] Getting to know Corey

    [09:18] How Corey Peterson started talking about controlling capital

    [05:15] Core values of a strategic relationship

    [11:48] Raising money from investors

    [20:05] The one Robins portfolio and what Corey loved about it

    [23:02] What do the next five years look like for Corey and his company

    [24:57] What is Corey currently reading?

    [27:33] Advice to people who are just joining the real estate world

    Quotes from the Episode:

    “Being a trustworthy, upstanding person who does what they say they’re going to do and at the end of the day, the one thing that I can say confidently is that my investors trust me.”

    “Nothing ever works when you rush a deal.”

    “Nothing works when you rush a partnership.”

    “If I’m going to put my investors capital to work. I need to know who I’m dealing with.”

    “I love the way that we each stay in our lanes, and we respect each other’s role.”

    “We believe that that real estate is the safest vehicle out there and that more people should be being deployed into that asset class and we just choose to work with those that are high income and high net worth.”

    “No matter what people say, buy and hold.”

    “I truly believe that it’s not about how much money you make, but the assets that you buy, with your income.”

    Connect with Corey Peterson:

    Website: https://kahunawealthbuilders.com/

    Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

    Own your Freedom-David Phelps

    A road less Stupid - Keith Cunningham


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    31 mins
  • What It Means to Own Your Freedom with Mike Sullivant

    Nov 11 2021

    What kind of freedom are you looking for in life? Is it the freedom of time, money, or mind? 


    There is a way you can achieve freedom, no matter what kind it is you’re looking for. In this episode, we are joined by SBD Housing Solutions’ Investing Liaison, Mike Sullivant, to talk about the experience in the recent Freedom Founders event we attended and the book, Own Your Freedom, by Dr. David Phelps. 


    Dr. David Phelps is the founder of Freedom Founders. He has been a dentist for a number of years until his daughter fell sick. He had been investing in real estate at the time, so he had a cushion that allowed him to spend time with his daughter, who has since recovered from her illness. Listen to this episode to learn more about the book, Own Your Freedom. 


    Key Talking Points of the Episode


    [01:12] What is the Freedom Founders community?

    [01:34] Who is Dr. David Phelps?

    [02:36] First take on owning your freedom

    [03:10] Why do you need to own your freedom?

    [03:40] Owning your freedom number

    [05:06] The point of association

    [06:25] The five freedoms

    [07:12] Wealth is what you own, not what you do

    [08:45] Real estate isn’t going to double your income overnight

    [09:47] Principles before strategies, strategies before tactics

    [10:33] What’s the difference between principles, strategies, and tactics?

    [11:14] Transferable skill sets

    [12:20] What are your transferable skills? 

    [13:50] Challenging your thinking

    [14:54] Mike’s thoughts on Freedom Founders and Own Your Freedom




    “The freedom number is at what point does my passive income extend beyond my monthly expenses. Finding this number of creating true passive income - income that is generated while I’m doing something else is the equilibrium.”


    “Too many people think that the old style accumulation method of wealth is simply to invest in the stock market, get as much as you can to accumulate wealth, and then hope you have enough when you start depleting it and spending it when you get into retirement.”


    “Having a central purpose and a common theme, it begins there.”


    “You don’t get rich with what you earn, you get rich with what you own.”


    “Real estate is not sexy, it’s not the one that’s going to double your income overnight. It’s something that takes discipline and time.” 


    “You have to know who you are. You have to have core values before you go anywhere else.”


    “Tactics come and go, but your principles remain the same.”


    “Critical thinking usually leads to education, more discovery, and more knowledge. That knowledge empowers you to make decisions that can turn out into financial freedom.”


    “We all know that there’s no one-size-fits-all investment strategy, but we also know that diversification is a wise thing to do.”




    Website: Freedom Founders



    Book: Own Your Freedom: Sustainable Wealth for a Volatile World


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