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  • Welcome to Meditation Mountain. Here we produce guided meditations to help you reduce stress, lower anxiety and improve sleep. Our unique guided meditations range from 10 minute to 20 minute meditations. We focus on mindfulness, visualizations and affirmations on a range of subjects such as meditations for stress, anxiety and depression. Meditation benefits are well documented but for those new to meditation we have multiple meditations for beginners including short guided meditations on positive energy, acceptance and forgiveness.Our goal here at Meditation Mountain is to make a positive difference in this world one step at a time. It's so easy to become overwhelmed, stressed, or feel lost. Our hopes are that you use these short guided meditations to help reduce your stress, relieve your anxiety and take a few minutes out of your day to meditate on how you are inside. Taking a moment for yourself to recharge through meditation and using it as a tool to strengthen your mind.
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  • Jun 9 2022

    This meditation for anxiety and overthinking has been designed as a short mindful meditation to make you conscious of your anxiety whilst at the same time giving you the tools and techniques needed to reduce it.

    Anxiety and overthinking affect all of us from time to time, some more often than others but the most important thing to remember is that when you are overthinking or suffering with anxiety, it's rarely the situation itself that is the problem but more often the way you're thinking about it. What that means is that you have the ability to reduce your own anxiety in the moment and stop overthinking if you can develop the right tools to help yourself.

    So how do we stop overthinking and is there any cure to help relieve anxiety. The answer is yes and it's all about learning to focus on the right things at the right time and get out of your own head. Anxiety and overthinking are the worry about what's about to happen or what could happen and these thoughts easily spiral usually in a negative way.

    One of the most effective instant cures for overthinking and best ways to reduce anxiety is through the use of the breath. The act of slow deep breathing not only fills your body with fresh oxygen and helps to slow your heart rate, but it also gives you something you can control to focus on. This is the most important part as when we're feeling anxious and overthinking it's usually due to something we feel we can't control.

    Anxiety and overthinking usually come hand in hand so how else do we stop them before they attack us? Well by being aware of how our body is feeling when they strike can go a long way to quick and effective anxiety relief. Tension, stress and tightness in our bodies are a key indicator that we may be suffering from anxiety without being consciously aware of it so pay attention to how your body feels and focus on relaxing it consciously as much as possible. 

    One of the most important things to remember when anxiety and overthinking strike is that as powerless as we can sometimes feel, this is a situation inside your own head that you can learn to control. How your mind and body respond and what you do about it is something you can decide is up to you.

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    10 mins
  • Apr 21 2022

    This 10 minute meditation to boost your creativity through the use of visualization is a guided journey designed to stimulate your creative mind and through the use of powerful visualization techniques help unlock your creative energy. 

    Guided meditation doesn't just have to be useful for reducing anxiety or relieving stress. Meditation can very effectively be used to boost your mental powers and open up blockages in your mind that stimulate creativity through the use of creative visualization.

    Visualization techniques are used often in other areas of life and walking through a guided visualization within a meditation makes the whole experience a lot more powerful and therefore in many ways much more effective than standard visualization.

    Many of us are looking to improve our creativity and boost the power of our minds, so this is a meditation worth paying attention to if that's something you're interested in.

    Combining the usual benefits of guided meditation like anxiety reduction, mood elevation, calming your body and slowing your heart rate with this meditation we also get the benefits of letting our mind run free in a controlled manner and using the visualization techniques within to develop more creativity and imagination.

    Simple creative techniques that help to reprogram your subconscious mind into thinking, feeling and visualizing more creative pathways are the key to opening up the true power your mind has beneath the surface.

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    10 mins
  • Jun 16 2021

    10 Minute guided meditation for self awareness. Learn how to become self aware through the use of guided meditation. A gentle journey of self awareness to help you lean into your true potential and experience your life to the full.

    Self awareness is a trait we all need more of. Unlike many other positive traits we're going after, self awareness is a more neutral state. What that means is that it's neither positive or negative, it is instead a state of being that allows us to view ourselves exactly as we are in our own lives. Learning to become more self aware takes time, mostly because it's hard to see the full picture when we're the ones inside the frame.

    Guided meditation for self awareness, even something as short as 10 minutes can jump our minds forward in it's recognition of how we operate inside our own head. What this means is that the more self aware we become, the easier it is to progress and become even more self aware.

    Now many people will confuse being self aware with being "realistic". But self awareness doesn't mean that we have to stop being positive or optimistic. It simply means that we're trying to become more aware of ourselves in various situations, how we're acting, what we're thinking and how that impacts ourselves and those around us.

    You may think of self awareness as trying to become our higher self. That's a good way to look at it as it is only in reaching a greater level of self awareness that we can progress to become a higher or better version of ourselves.

    Self awareness therefore is the basis of all meditation. With that being the case it makes complete sense that we use guided meditation to increase our self awareness. Just 10 minutes per day of meditation can help us radically increase our levels of self awareness throughout the rest of our day.

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    10 mins

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