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Publisher's Summary

This audiobook is not a work of fiction, but was transmitted to the author via mental telepathy from his pet cat. Yes, you read that correctly. This is the first audiobook ever written by a cat, Mrs. Fifi Greywhiskers!

"You've gone off your head, Fifi," said the Lama. "Who will believe that you have written a book?" He smiled down at me and rubbed under my chin, just the way I liked, before he left the room on some business.

I sat and pondered. "Why should I not write a book? True, I am a cat, but I am not an ordinary cat. I am a Siamese cat who has traveled far and seen much. Of course, I am old, and not a little blind, but is that not good reason why I should put on paper the events of my life while I am still able?

Here, then, is my version of "Living with the Lama" and the happiest days of my life - days of sunshine after a lifetime of shadows.

©1984 Saucerian Press (P)2019 New Saucerian LLC

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