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Once upon a time far, far away in the land of Africa, there were vast forests with huge lakes, long rivers, endless lowlands, supreme mountains and high rocks. And in those forests there were cute baboons, angry rhinos, long-necked giraffes, ox-headed antelopes, cheerful goats, spotted leopards, warthog's with vertical tails, zebras in striped pajamas, and countless animals, living happily together. Local stories about these cute animals have been told for generations, where I gathered them to share with children to give them priceless lessons. I also spent tens years in Africa with our animal friends, taking pictures, learning, as well as writing stories of them. I hope children will enjoy, learn about our animal friends, and take valuable lessons from these local African stories to better our world.

©2016 Figen Gunduz Letaconnoux (P)2016 Figen Gunduz Letaconnoux

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