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Publisher's Summary

Cindy Henson's Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom is much like Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat Pray Love - except for the corporate leader.

Nearly two decades into her corporate career, Henson was awakened to a lifelong addiction to overworking and "taking one for the team" by a debilitating illness, which led her to the jungle of Costa Rica to pursue a master's degree in International Peace and Conflict Studies from the United Nations-affiliated University for Peace. In her renewed approach to life, she integrates laughter, adventure, generosity, and love into all that she does at work and in her personal life. She shares how nearly everyone can discover and authentically express their natural gifts and talents so that the world is continually transformed as well. 

In Jungle, she introduces "The Seven Principles to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom", the manifesto by which she approaches all aspects of life.

  1. Tap into your fun quotient!
  2. Resolve past issues, and release your brain power!
  3. Discover what juices you, and pursue It!
  4. Activate your learning gene!
  5. See your colleagues bigger than they see themselves!
  6. Move into action!
  7. Choose to be unstoppable!

Jungle reminds us that the old ways of violence in family, business, and politics must give way to new ways of relating built on peace, purpose, and freedom. Additionally, Cindy explores: work-life balance, career change and transformation, heart-centered leadership, and more. Cindy takes listeners deep inside her personal transformation from an overworked, overwhelmed executive to a woman who has broadened her horizons and now understands that the approach of profit over people is what ails the world, and that the triple bottom line - people, planet, and profits - is a much better equation for success for all.

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