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Byron Goines proves through the utilization of scripture that Jesus Christ would support Food Stamps (SNAP). Food stamps (SNAP) and how the system works for food stamp (SNAP) recipients and retail food stores is explained in detail. The tithe "produce of the land and livestock" food program command given by God to Moses for the Israelites in order to feed the Levites, strangers to the land, the fatherless, and widows, is explained in detail. The topic of so-called preachers and their deception concerning the tithe is addressed in detail. The section of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution addressing religion is addressed in detail. The Apostle Paul's instruction to the Church concerning how to give money is addressed in detail. This audiobook is packed with information everyone should know. Byron Goines addresses all of these topics and more in an informative straightforward manner that is sure to enlighten all listeners.

©2015 Byron Goines (P)2015 Byron Goines

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