• Becoming Culturally Competent, an Interview with Dr Melina Abdullah

    May 10 2021

    As Professor and Chair of Pan-African Studies at California State University, Los Angeles, Dr. Melina Abdullah is an expert on race, gender, class, and social movements. As a Co-founder and organizer of the Black Lives Matter movement she continues to inspire the Los Angeles chapter with her poignant intellect, passion and leadership. In this episode Adrian speaks with Dr. Abdullah about womanism, the work of dismantling White supremacy, and the role white allies must play in designing a healed America.

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    53 mins
  • The Language of My Story, An Interview with Meshell Ndegeocello

    May 3 2021

    As a prolific multi instrumentalist and poetic intellectual, Meshell Ndegeocello’s music weaves together sensual sentiments, spinning storytelling and activism into its own (sub)genre of soul. In this episode Adrian speaks with Meshell about the concept of feminism, language and her role in the evolution of Black music. 

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    51 mins
  • Smiling while Black, an Interview with Raphael Saadiq

    Apr 26 2021

    Raphael Saadiq's extraordinary talent has made him one of the most distinguished voices in American music. From his very humble beginnings in Oakland, he’s become an internationally renowned superstar. In this episode, Adrian speaks with Raphael about growing up in a drug riddled community and processing death through art.

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    57 mins
  • Equality Begins with Food, an Interview with Roy Choi

    Apr 19 2021

    Roy Choi is the son of Korean immigrants. His culinary food truck empire built a bridge between race and socio-economic classes by normalizing eating in the streets of LA. In this episode, Roy and Adrian discuss the power of food justice and the meaningful dance between food and identity.

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    1 hr
  • How to Survive in South Central, an Interview with Terrace Martin

    Apr 12 2021

    One of Hip Hop's favorite Sax Gods, Terrace Martin is a multi instrumentalist, producer and composer. He is the sound of modern Crenshaw. This week Terrace and Adrian discuss growing up in south central LA during the crack epidemic and how environment shapes perspective, art and culture.

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    57 mins
  • How Black is Black Enough? An Interview with Wayne Brady

    Apr 5 2021

    Multidisciplinary performer, producer and host Wayne Brady is the comedic force you may know as the black guy on "Whose line is it anyway”. As a renaissance talent with a brand that seduces mainstream America, he is our generation's Nat King Cole. In this week's episode Wayne and Adrian discuss the power of code switching, defining success and exploring the idea of blackness in America. 

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    1 hr and 13 mins
  • The Notorious PhD: A Level Playing Field, an Interview with Todd Boyd

    Mar 29 2021

    Todd Boyd, aka "Notorious Ph.D." is a Professor of Cinema and Media Studies at USC. His critiques of Hip Hop and pop culture have guided a generation into a deeper understanding of the anatomy of the black experience.  In this episode Adrian Younge and Todd Boyd discuss Defining American, Racial Politics and the revolution of revisionist history occurring.

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    41 mins
  • Discovering The Black Family, An Interview with Malcolm Jamal Warner

    Mar 22 2021

    Malcolm-Jamal Warner is an American actor, director, producer, musician, and writer. He is best known for his role as Theodore Huxtable on the NBC show The Cosby Show.  In this episode Adrian Younge and Malcolm have a vulnerable discussion about how the Huxtables redefined the public perception of the black family in America.

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    43 mins
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