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Inter War Year 1919-1939 History GCSE Study Guide

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Publisher's Summary

The Inter War Years are a fascinating period of history, swinging from 'never again' to the start of another world war. Our Inter War Years GCSE series not only brings this alive but also sets out everything you will need to know for both your coursework and your exams.

Starting from the end of World War I, it examines the peace treaties and how fair they were, whether or not the League of Nations was successful and why international peace had collapsed by 1939.

Each chapter will address these questions and give you enough detail to help prepare for your exams and keep on top of your coursework.

Our chapters are as follows:

  • Introduction to the Inter War Years
  • Background to the Inter War Years
  • Aims of the Big Three - Were the Peace Treaties Fair?
  • Terms of the Treaty of Versailles - Did Victors Get What They Wanted?
  • Germany's Punishment
  • Other Peace Treaties
  • Overview of Peace Treaties
  • Aims of the League of Nations
  • Membership and Structure of the League
  • Border Disputes - 1920s
  • Other Issues - 1920s
  • Impact of Economic Depression
  • Manchurian Crisis (1931-33)
  • The Disarmament Conference (1932-33)
  • Abyssinian Crisis (1935-36)
  • Hitler's Foreign Policy
  • Hitler's Actions 1933-36
  • Anschluss (1938)
  • Appeasement
  • Impact of Appeasement
  • Nazi Soviet Pact (1939)
  • Overview: The Causes of World War II
  • Overall Conclusion and Final Exam Preparation

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