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  • Bridging the communication gap between divorce professionals and divorce-seeking clients.
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  • JEFFREY P. WASSERMAN, Collaborative Family Lawyer, Shapiro, Blasi, Wasserman & Hermann P.A.
    May 20 2023
    Divorce can be a challenging and emotional ordeal, but it doesn't have to lead to a toxic fallout. In this episode of Let's Talk Divorce Conversations, host Stewart Andrew Alexander converses with Jeffrey P. Wasserman, a seasoned family law attorney with over half a century's worth of experience. Wasserman enlightens us on the misconceptions surrounding divorce, the advantages of opting for the collaborative law process, and how this empowers clients to take charge of their futures.

    Wasserman notes that a common misunderstanding about divorce is the notion that individuals will find justice in the courtroom, which is not always a reality. He also points out that many perceive lawyers as adversaries, resulting in an overwhelming number of unrepresented parties who pursue divorce independently without a lawyer's assistance. This could lead to serious complications, given the intricate legal aspects of divorce.

    He further elaborates that collaborative law is a client-centric process, enabling clients to make informed decisions regarding their cases. Unlike the confrontational nature of litigation, where lawyers are perceived as warriors battling against their client's spouse, collaborative law promotes peace. It allows the legal team to work towards solutions that are most beneficial for the entire family. Through the collaborative process, clients can influence how issues are resolved, with solutions not strictly bound by legal principles.

    Opting for the collaborative law process over litigation provides several benefits. Clients retain control over the process, their privacy is upheld, and the timeline is more flexible. Moreover, collaborative law proves to be a more cost-efficient option compared to litigation, which can be protracted and costly.

    This episode is a valuable resource for anyone undergoing a divorce or acquainted with someone in that predicament. Discover how collaborative law can guide you through this difficult journey with enhanced control and diminished toxicity.

    To learn more about Jeffrey P. Wasserman and the collaborative law process, visit or call (561) 477-7800.

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    44 mins
  • Samuel Thomas, Divorce Lawyer, Exploring Child Custody Arrangements
    May 7 2023
    In this episode of Let's Talk Divorce, host Stewart Andrew Alexander interviews Samuel Thomas, a partner at Thomas and Fargione Law Group in Athens, Georgia. Thomas shares his expertise and insights on child custody arrangements, guiding listeners through the legal process and helping them approach their situation with greater clarity and confidence.

    Thomas stresses the significance of seeking legal advice early on, even if one ultimately decides not to hire an attorney. A consultation can offer valuable guidance and inform individuals of their rights and options. Additionally, Thomas underscores the importance of communication and collaboration between divorcing parties, particularly when children are involved.

    Throughout the discussion, Thomas provides practical advice on various issues, ranging from property division to child custody. He also addresses the emotional toll divorce can inflict and the necessity of seeking support and practicing self-care during this difficult time.

    A key takeaway from this episode is understanding the legal process and approaching it strategically. Thomas emphasizes that divorce is not solely a legal process, but also an emotional and financial one, requiring a comprehensive approach to achieve the best possible outcome.

    As Thomas states, "Divorce is a process, and it's important to understand that it's not going to happen overnight. You have to be patient, strategic, and willing to work with your attorney and spouse to find the best possible outcome for everyone involved."

    This episode serves as a valuable resource for those going through a divorce or contemplating one in the future. Thomas' insights and experience offer practical guidance and support for navigating this complex and challenging process.

    To learn more about Samuel Thomas, visit: or call 706-546-0999.

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    35 mins
  • KATY MICKELSON, Divorce and Family Law Attorney on Divorcing with Dignity
    Apr 20 2023
    In the latest episode of "Let's Talk Divorce" on Impact Makers Radio, host Stewart Andrew Alexander sits down with Katy Mickelson, equity partner at Beermann LLP in Chicago, IL, to discuss how to divorce with dignity both emotionally and financially.

    As a divorce and family law attorney, Katy shares her expertise on how to navigate the emotional and financial challenges that come with divorce. She emphasizes the importance of treating your ex-spouse with respect and approaching the situation with a level head, even when emotions run high. By doing so, you can ensure a smoother and more amicable process.

    Join us as we delve into the complexities of divorce, and find out how to come out on the other side with dignity intact.

    Listen to the full episode at or contact Katy directly at 312-6214-382 to learn more.
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    45 mins

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