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  • A podcast pub crawl through Doctor Who old and new with film programmer Mark Donaldson and stand-up comic Ben Verth
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  • Sep 25 2022

    Ben and Mark tackle the big environmental issues as they discuss Praxeus and Planet of Giants. Wouldn't Praxeus have been better if they'd kept the Autons in? What was it about the idea of Planet of Giants that made it a story worth returning to for season 2?

    ALSO: Why Adric should have got married. Ben's advice for getting rid of caterpillars and aphids. Tim Peake's wife working in Tesco. 

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    1 hr and 49 mins
  • Sep 12 2022

    Ben and Mark let the listeners decide this episode's pairing with Fugitive of the Judoon, resulting in them having to chat about Meglos.

    Under discussion: Jason Bourne in Space, ITV Light Entertainment figures interacting, creepy cakemakers, and cacti.

    Also: Did JN-T require Jacqueline Hill's Hartnell wrangling skills? An unexpected Doctor but not the one you think, and Mark begins collecting debts. 

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    1 hr and 39 mins
  • Jul 31 2022

    Ben and Mark discuss the Doctor Who sub-genre of the Hipster Historical by way of 'Nikola Tesla's Night Of Terror' and 'The Visitation'. How well do both stories succeed in informing and entertaining audiences about less famous historical celebrities?

    Ben finds a kinship with Richard Mace, Mark attempts to pin the blame on someone other than Eric Saward, and a Waltzer carriage transforms into an android.

    ALSO: Canine in company! The Wedding of Ben Verth! The blob in the cafetiere!

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    1 hr and 26 mins

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