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Publisher's Summary

Do you want to know how to create good habits that stick?

Someone said that human beings are creatures of habit. Let me tell you that this is 110 percent true. Most of the things we do every day are habits! 

There are negative and positive habits, and most of the people in the world have more negative than positive habits. Everything you do every day is the result of your past programming and day-by-day activity, which created the current version of you. But let me tell you this: that you are not a robot, and you can change whatever habit that is programmed inside of you.  

You have only two options:  

  1. Change  
  2. Stay the same  

This audiobook will tell you exactly what habits are, but it will also explain to you how to change them. 

There are many skills for success in all of the areas of life, but most important I believe are habits. That is why I have written for you this simple but effective guide to finally break free from bad habits and develop any habit you choose. But keep in mind that like any other skill, it requires focus and commitment on your part; but the commitment you gather will lead you to success in your inner world.   

So, if you are truly interested in this topic, let me give you a short intro to let you know what is inside the audiobook. Topics covered include:

  • What they are and why they're so hard to implement 
  • Building good habits and why it leads to success
  • Identifying bad habits/behaviors
  • What they are and how to get rid of them
  • How to implement rock-solid habits that stick
  • And much, much more!

So, let me ask you this: Are you finally ready to build new habits and let yourself live the life you used to live? If you are serious, click to buy now!

©2018 John Bale (P)2019 John Bale

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