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Originally published in 1890, this is the classic indictment of slum life, written by one of the most famous reformers of the 19th century. How the Other Half Lives: Studies Among the Tenements of New York explained not only the living conditions in New York slums, but also in the sweatshops in some tenements that paid workers only a few cents a day. 

The work explains the plight of working children; they would work in factories and at other jobs. Some children became garment workers and "newsies" (newsboys). 

The effect was the tearing down of New York's worst tenements and sweatshops and the reform of the city's schools. The book led to a decade of improvements in Lower East Side conditions, with sewers, garbage collection, and indoor plumbing all following soon after, thanks to public reaction. 

Public Domain (P)2018 BN Publishing

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