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How Uber and Lyft Drivers Make More Money

By Being Trunited
Narrated by: Michael Mathiesen
Length: 2 hrs and 58 mins

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Publisher's Summary

This audiobook is meant for all of the Uber and Lyft or any other rideshare drivers in the world - about five million of us - who know they must replace this income and soon because Uber and Lyft are both going to begin trading their stock on the major exchanges this year - called "going public" - and therefore will have to show continually growing profits to the investor community and therefore cannot pay their drivers as generously as before. 

Drivers will also have to replace income lost because the entire fleet of rideshare vehicles will be replaced by driverless or autonomous vehicles in two to three years from the publication date of this audiobook. Uber and Lyft and all other rideshare jobs are going to vanish in less than three years tops, and in the meantime, driver income will be dwindling in order to show constantly increasing profits to Wall Street. 

The projections for this industry is that it will top more than 1.5 trillion dollars by 2030 - and become a major portion of the world economy. Don't get left behind in this giant tsunami wave of economic and job development. What's more important is how fast the new "gig economy" is changing so many lives and even the fabric of the American markets. Don't get left behind. 

We may be entering one of the most challenging epochs in history as we slowly cause more and more climate change while governments are helpless to do anything about it. This means the migration of billions of people all over the planet, and this is why the estimates of the mobility app Industry is probably extremely understated. It's this author's opinion that everything - your job, your retirement, your health care, your jobs, your food, and your safety, even your home - will become a mobile app commodity. There are currently around 10 million Uber and Lyft drivers around the world, and very quickly, they will be replaced by robots.

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