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Harry Potter Knock Knock Jokes: The Ultimate Compilation of the Best Knock Knock Jokes, Puns and Much More!

Narrated by: Katrina Medina
Length: 26 mins

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Publisher's Summary

I decided to challenge myself. I’m Marie Freeman, probably the most die-hard Harry Potter fan you will ever meet. Matter of fact, I am so obsessed with Harry Potter that on a scale of one to ten, I’m probably a nine and three-quarters! 

You see, I challenged myself to put together the best Harry Potter joke audiobook for fans. Not just the best. My goal was to produce the most high-quality, premium audiobook there could possibly be! 

I love Harry Potter, I really do! And if you are reading this, I’m sure you do too! I consider all fans my friends, and I firmly believe we all deserve the best when it comes to fan audiobooks. I’m so happy that you are reading this, since this means you took the time to click on my audiobook and check out my work! This makes me so honored! I for sure don’t want to let you and your expectations down! 

I can say I completed my challenge, and since I’m a huge fan myself, I selected only the best jokes for you and put them into a solid audiobook! If this book was a spell, it would be rictusempra! No Kidding! Other books are more like avada kedavra.

The audiobook is divided into chapters, so all the jokes are organised for you. It’s perfect for fans of all ages, so everyone can listen to it! So if you want to grab a great Harry Potter audiobook , then click “buy” now!

©2019 Marie Freeman (P)2019 Marie Freeman

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