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Happy In Medicine with Dr. Christina Arnold

By: Dr. Christina Arnold
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  • Welcome to the Happy In Medicine podcast. I’m your host, Dr. Christina Arnold. I am an expert-certified coach & physician Mom. I help women physicians go from Burnout to HAPPY in Medicine.
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  • 29: BONUS Quiet Your Inner Critic HIGHLIGHTS
    Sep 21 2023

    Today we cover the single most profound conversation OF OUR LIVES. We spend up to half of our waking hours with our inner critic. If you don’t know how to turn down the volume of your inner critic, it makes EVERYTHING more difficult. It is possible to have a WHOLE NEW relationship with our inner critic…and get up to 8 hours back per day. Today I present the HIGHLIGHTS of the quiet your inner critic workshop.

    Here’s what you get:

    ✅The latest clinical psychology tools based on the national best-selling book “Chatter” by clinical psychologist Dr. Ethan Kross from the University of Michigan

    ✅How to feel better in under ONE SECOND when our inner chatter is on HIGH

    ✅Marie Kondo your mental chatter


    PS. If you love this session, when you join my coaching program you get access to the full-length workshop TODAY, where we do this work EVERYDAY in community. Join us at yourpathinfocus.com.





    The Voice in Our Head, Why It Matters, and How to Harness It

    Ethan Kross



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    14 mins
  • 28: time-brain expansion hack
    Sep 7 2023

    In this week’s podcast you learn how to intentionally constrain your available time to produce the highest quality work in a fraction of the time. It’s all about understanding what I call the “time-brain expansion.” It looks like this: if we give ourselves 6mo to do a project, we’ll take every bit of 6mo to get it done. If we give ourselves 3mo to do the same project, they’ll take every bit of 3mo. Our brain expands into whatever time we give it. The solution is SIMPLE. Here’s what you get in this week’s podcast:

    ✅My writing hacks that helped me HALVE the time of writing books, even when I was covering more complex material. Use this recipe for ANY project

    ✅The secret sauce behind THIS podcast production

    ✅The secret sauce behind THIS podcast production

    ✅Why having a specific deadline is ESSENTIAL

    ✅What to do when you don’t make the deadline

    Click the button below for this week’s podcast.


    PS. Want 56 MORE DAYS A YEAR??? If so, join us at the How to Breakup & Makeup with Your Phone Workshop. We'll cover the latest tips on how to have more FREEDOM while still enjoying our phones. We're talking more CALM. More PEACE. More TIME. More ENERGY. Bring your friends, especially the ones who reach for their phones the SECOND they have to wait for the elevator to arrive. At the end of the session, for those interested, I'll be introducing an ENTIRELY new way to work together. Be the first to see it, get first dibs, AND possibly get a fun freebie by attending live. Register for the workshop here:  https://www.yourpathinfocus.com/HIM_Registration


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    27 mins
  • 27: A Million Dollar Episode (Negotiation ESSENTIALS)
    Aug 22 2023

    This is a million-dollar episode. Seriously.  Freedom comes from becoming a skilled negotiator. This episode is an EXPERT class on HOW to negotiate. I’ve collected the best tips, strategies, mistakes, and mishaps from studying hundreds of people negotiate over a 23-year period. These skills can strengthen your marriage, parenting, and friendships. Here’s what you get in this episode:

    ✅The most common MYTHS & MISTAKES in negotiations

    ✅The 4-Step IRRESISTIBLE ask

    ✅When’s the BEST time to negotiate

    ✅WHO to negotiate with

    ✅What to do when you are cornered and asked to decide on the spot

    ✅What to do with subsequent interviews if you have an offer letter

    ✅What to do when they say NO

    ✅What to do when you’re worried they’ll think you are selfish & greedy

    ✅Why MGMA, AAMC, and comparable physician data will HOLD YOU BACK

    ✅A sneaky trick about signing bonuses

    ✅Non-monetary asks you MUST consider

    Click the button below for this week’s episode.


    PS. THIS is the work we do inside my coaching program. Enroll now and you get immediate access to our Top Negotiation Strategies Course. Be on our next call in a few days to workshop your negotiations. Sign up for your bonus private session to tailor all of this to your situation. Enroll or book your free coaching consult right now at www.yourpathinfocus.com.


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    1 hr and 13 mins

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