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Publisher's Summary

In this audiobook, Habits: Tips and Tricks to Develop Positive and Good Habits Permanently for a Successful Life, the author discusses the importance of forming positive habits in your daily routine.

As human beings, we are creatures of habit. In fact, our brains are predisposed to forming habits in the name of efficiency. At the end of the day, we are basically defined by the habits we form.

A life filled with positive, beneficial habits will always result in success and fulfillment of goals. However, consistently making poor habits a part of life will no doubt pull you further and further away from your ideal self.

Habits are an interesting part of our human nature. Once they begin to form, they are stored in such a way in the brain that they can be done without much if any conscious thought towards them. This is great if the habit is a positive one, as you can slowly progress further towards whatever it is you are reaching for. All too often, however, it is the negative habits people form that play the bigger impact in their lives. The need to immediate gratification and short-term pleasure urges people to give into negative habits such as smoking and unhealthy eating choices.

In this audiobook, the listener will receive several useful tips and techniques to form positive, successful habits in various areas of life. The author discusses how being physically healthy is the foundation for pursuing any goal or dream one may have in life and discusses habits and routines that should be implemented to encourage this. Also discussed is the importance of living a life of minimal stress and sound psychological health. We are living in a world where stress is as common as the cold and the mental health of society as a whole is crumbling.

Finally, this audiobook stresses the importance of a successful job or career and how to balance working hard for financial success, while also making time for the ones you love. At the end of your life, everything you have or have not accomplished will be defined by the habits that made up each day of your life. That is why it is ever so important that you fill your daily routine with positive, successful habits that encourage personal growth and health in every area of your life.

Please take some time to listen to Habits: Tips and Tricks to Develop Positive and Good Habits Permanently for a Successful Life as you will certainly become more knowledgeable and equipped to form these positive habits.

©2017 Kazi Jackson (P)2017 K. M. Kassi

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