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Is the Burlington County Prison Museum haunted? Do the spirits of executed prisoners continue to roam its halls? The answer will shock you! A group of paranormal enthusiasts entered the Burlington County Prison, in Mount Holly, New Jersey, to capture photographic, video, and audio evidence in hopes of validating eyewitness testimony of alleged haunted activity said to have taken place throughout the building.

The results of their findings are revealed for the first time in this shocking audiobook. Given four out of four skulls by Haunted America Tours, this officially sanctioned program gives an in-depth look at a paranormal investigation, and features some of the most intriguing evidence ever presented.

Capturing electronic voice phenomena you will hear evidence analyzed with forensic detail and integrity that lends credence to the field of parapsychology, and will truly open your eyes to what really lies within the world of the supernatural. Not for the weak of heart or those who are easily unsettled!

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