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Publisher's Summary

Art is about to imitate a life of crime.

Jasper knows you don't quit the movie business. The movie business quits you.

He wants back in - badly.

Needs a comeback - badly.

And Jasper truly believes he can make a movie Hollywood will want - badly.

Genuinely Dangerous follows the nightmarish yet hilarious journey of Jasper Tripp, a down-and-out filmmaker who embeds himself in a crew of wild and mysterious criminals so he can film a documentary that'll land him back in the Hollywood fast lane.

From Mike McCrary, author of Remo Went Rogue, comes another unfiltered, unpredictable romp of a thriller where the insane becomes sane and life itself becomes Genuinely Dangerous.

©2016 Mike McCrary (P)2017 Mike McCrary

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Nice easy listen..

“I was voluntarily provided this free review copy audiobook by the author, narrator,

A past film maker who is kicked out of Hollywood is desperately trying to get back inn and will do any thing even film criminals to make a movie that will win over his Hollywood a nice easy listen, quirky and humorous.. you will not be able to put this down & the end will have you begging for more.