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The Bible Series is an epic 10-hour mini-series that will bring the Bible into homes worldwide. Television’s highly acclaimed producer, Mark Burnett (The Voice, Survivor, The Apprentice, Shark Tank), and his wife, Roma Downey (Touched by An Angel), are bringing the most widely-read book of all time to life. Understanding that faith is a journey, Mark and Roma partnered with Bishop Rodney Sampson to create a collection of authentic sermons compiled by innovative leaders of faith and culture. Leaders include Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant, Bishop Edward Stephens, Pastor Welton T. Smith IV, Bishop Darryl Hines, Bishop Tim Chatman, Dr. Brian Mosley, Rev. Rob Hughes, Prophetess Tera Carissa Hodges, Bishop Sedgwick Daniels, Pastor Mark Thomas, Bishop Irvin Perry, and Marketplace Minister Dorothy Cook.

In this merge music remix message of "Any Day Now: Genesis of Divine Manifestation", Bishop Sampson walks us through Genesis, Chapter 1 as a complimentary resource for The Bible Series episode entitled: "BEGINNING".

Referred to as a #merge, the merging of compelling truth, inspiration and the modern-day sounds of pop culture produced by Lil Mitus (producer of Soulja Boy) and Don Destin (producer of Drake), Bishop Sampson walks us through the first seven days of creation in the biblical book of Genesis, Chapter 1, and parallels this text with the inception of our divine manifestation in the Kingdom of God on Earth and beyond. Combined with unique and never-before-heard tracks, this masterpiece promises to be inspirational, engaging, and transformational work for all that will listen throughout the ages.

©2013 Bishop Rodney Sampson (P)2013 Bishop Rodney Sampson

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