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Fundamental Expressions

By: Y V Chawla
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  • To listen to Fundamental Expressions is Meditation.The basic human predicament can not be solved by any positive explanation or statement. It is rested when you notice it. There is only one step; you have to disregard silently, spontaneously the relief offered by books, gurus, techniques, various entertainments and so on against your present state, which you call unsatisfactory. Just listen or go through. there is nothing to practise or implement. The point automatically takes root while you listen or go through.
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  • Episode 97: Past, Present and Future are related in a Tense Mode
    Sep 12 2023
    Past, present and future are related in a tense mode. There is no way, this tension can be undone. You can not feel the comfort of amending the past (memory) now. You can not feel the comfort of solving the future (imagination) now. 
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    2 mins
  • Episode 96: Is There a Purpose or Meaning To Human Existence
    Jun 5 2023
    Can you see that any answer will satisfy or dissatisfy you, it can not go further. You have to see the format of life to see the complete picture. Whatever is before you at this moment, that is, within the purview of your senses – apart from this enclosure, everything is memory, imagination, thinking. This is the Total Field, the field of senses and the field of memory, imagination, thinking. This structure does not change wherever you may go, whatever may happen. It means this is the Original. The idea of God or ‘who created this Existence’ or what is the purpose of human existence’ and so on arises within this format, that is, as thinking. Seeing the Total Field is the end.
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    4 mins
  • Episode 95: The Format of Time
    May 7 2023
    You can not feel the comfort of amending the past (memory) now. You can not feel the comfort of solving the future (imagination) now. This gap is uneasiness, tenseness, friction for the brain. The illusion becomes busy in covering up this friction as if to secure stable relief. To see that this friction can not be covered up or solved automatically attunes one to Now.
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    2 mins

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