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The Blood of the Sun now sits locked to Frendyl Krune's heart, and learning to control the awesome power of the relic isn't the only thing on Frendyl's mind. His father and cousin have both vanished within the pitch-dark prison maze known as the Catacombs. The only being alive who might know where they are is Vilboyen, ruler of the underworld, but there's no guarantee he's anything but a story used to scare amüli children.

And that's not the worst of Frendyl's problems. An amüli known as Vyndis the Snake broke into the Catacombs and released a prisoner, and now he's set his sights on Frendyl. The Snake is a powerful magician, one whose determination may undo everything Frendyl has fought to right.

To stop this maniac and rescue his family, Frendyl and his uncle Melroc sail across the world to a place called the Isle of Forfeited Souls - but even if they find Vyndis, they may not be able to stop him and save Frendyl's family.

©2015 Evolved Publishing LLC (P)2017 Evolved Publishing LLC

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